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Haier Unveils French Four Door & Other New Refrigerators

Haier has launched new range of refrigerators comprising of two direct cool single door refrigerators namely – HRD-2204CKG-R / HRD-1954CKG-R (220L / 195L) and HRD-2204CRG-R / HRD-1954CRG-R (220L/195L). The third model is Haier’s star model HRB 738 SS which is a French Four door Refrigerator.

The four door refrigerator comes with Bottom Mounted feature where the refrigerator serves both the purpose of a Side By Side as well as a Bottom Mounted Refrigerator. The USP of the refrigerator is its three different sections which helps a user maintain absolute segregation amongst all the sections of the refrigerator.

With full DC inverter technology the four door refrigerator helps consumers save energy and also ensures even cooling at all times. It also comes with a Dual Zone feature which gives two distinct zones in a fridge 1 for Humidity and 1 for Dry, consuming only less than 0.78 Units a day. To maintain freshness and maximum level of hygiene it has the anti-Bacterial technology that kills 99.9% bacteria. It features an LED in the freezer section, comes with Holiday function where the fridge compartment turns off maintaining a certain temperature and freezer is kept ON while one is on away. It also comes with Fuzzy logic which regulates the temperature of the refrigerator automatically as per the inside load and also allows users to change the temperature of the Convertible between -18 to +5 degree Celsius.

The other two Direct Cool models are designed in a manner which is easy to clean and maintain and are also rust-free &scratch proof. They come with bigger cool pads than usual to retains cooling up to 10 Hours even after power cut and also has 1 Hour Icing Technology. They come with an extra Fruit Box, a beauty & care box, Stabilizer Free operation and a bright LED light for increased visibility. These refrigerators have leather finish Cabinet and glass finish doors.

These refrigerators are available at following prices:

· HRB-738SS – INR 1,10,000

· HRD-1954CKG- INR 17,900

· HRD-2204CKG- INR 19,900


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