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HCL Infosystems Restructures Its Businesses

HCL Infosystems, India’s Premier Distribution, IT Services and Solutions Company, has announced about restructuring of its businesses effective from 1st Nov 2013. Under the restructured organization, the Company’s businesses of Solutions, Services and Learning have been transferred to the wholly-owned subsidiaries HCL Infotech Ltd., HCL Services Ltd, and HCL Learning Ltd respectively while the Products Distribution business would be with the Parent entity HCL Infosystems. Earlier in January this year, the Board of Directors of the Company had approved the alignment of Solutions, Services and Learning businesses of the Company along the three subsidiaries through a Composite Scheme of Arrangement. The Hon’ble High Court of Delhi has approved the Scheme of Arrangement and the copy of the High Court order has been filed with the Registrar of Companies, NCT of Delhi & Haryana.

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This restructuring of the business into separate subsidiaries is part of the Company’s strategy to enable sharper focus on each core business and adopt a customized strategic approach for each business area.

Mr. Harsh Chitale, CEO & Managing Director, HCL Infosystems said. “As you would already know, HCL Infosystems is a large organization with diverse nature of businesses, each with very different kind of human resources, technical and financial requirements. This restructuring process was initiated with a clear objective of enabling each business to meet its individual requirements and build an organization customized to that business. Now there would be independence as well as accountability for each of the businesses. There will be greater visibility on the financial and operational performance of each business, restructuring would also address more effectively the funding and capability acquisition needs of these businesses.”

Amongst all the growth oriented changes, certain aspects of HCLI’s core DNA will remain same including the way HCLI deals with its customers, the brand assurance, quality, and capabilities. For customers, alliance partners and vendors there will be no changes in HCL contact points, credentials, capabilities, business leadership or any other such aspect.  


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