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Higher End Smartphones War Has Escalated – Whom To Side Depends Upon Your Pocket & Liking

After launch of state of the art flagship smartphone – Galaxy S III, by Korean tech giant, Samsung, war for supermacy in high-end smartphone segment has escalated. Of late, there are three major players who have announced their top of the range smartphones.  Samsung has announced Galaxy SIII, HTC has come out with HTC One X and of course, evergreen iPhone 4S, which was launched few months back and is darling of die hard fans of Apple.

However, one cannot ignore Xperia range of  smartphones by Sony Mobile, which are being launched in different variants to capture some market share.

Apple Inc is rumoured to be planning to come out with large dispaly screen iPhone probably 5 inch in the coming months to take on Samsung’ s Galaxy S III. Keeping in view track records of Apple in the past, first they will create hype among media and bloggers and will launch their new device by playing hide and seek game. Even, when it is launched, it will take some time when it will hit Indian shelves.

For high-end smartphones, buyers have many choices at their hands and few of them are:

Samsung Galaxy S III

  • MRP Rs 43,180
  • Available price: Rs 38,900

This sleek and light weight smartphone comes with several new features that weren’t available in company’s Galaxy series till now, like Smart Stay,S-Voice, S-Beam, Buddy Photo Share, Direct Call, and Popup Video. S III has a 4.8″ inch High Definition touchscreen with a 1280 X 720 pixel resolution. The screen is the best around and it has some smartphone firsts: a screen that stays on as long as you look at it.


  • MRP: Rs 42,990
  • Available Price: Rs 36,900

The first quad core phone in India. This phone has fantastic unibody polycarbonate shell, brilliant HD display, ultrafast camera and superlative performance. Like the Galaxy S III, the One X is sturdy yet lightweight.

Apple iPhone 4S

  • MRP : Rs. 44,500

Apple’s latest offering and its flagship smartphone. This device can’t be compared with Galaxy S III and HTC One X in hardware specifications but what it makes far ahead of other smartphones is because of its overall experience and sheer vastness of the app store and accessory ecosystem.

In the days to come, battle of supermacy for smartphones will be restricted to few companies although the other companies like Sony and LG will remain in the market to get some share of the market.


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