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MEELectronics RX12 In-Ear Headphone Review

There are ear phones and then there are in-ear headphones. For obvious reasons many of us prefer to use in-ear headphones just for the known fact that the bass delivery is way better and that they provide a degree of noise cancellation (‘some’ isolation is there). There are plenty of brands to choose from. In this article I’ll be sharing views of one such brand viz. MEELectronics RX12 after using it for over 2 months!

Design Factor

To begin with, MEELectronics RX12 has been intelligently designed keeping in mind travelers requirement. It comes with flat cables and no bends on 3 mm jack, dodging the usual design pattern followed by most. In practical usage, this means that the cables will barely tangle, saving you the precious time and effort 😉 The build quality is sturdy as well, judging by the fact the the cable have a plastic housing which does feel strengthening. All in all good look and feel. Not stylish though.

Ear Buds – Icky…?

Aha. Cords are one thing. You can handle any color, any design, they don’t affect the way you listen to music or comfort level. But what matter the most is the portion which is responsible for delivering sound to your ear canal. The “in ear” part of MEELectronics RX12 is unfortunately sore to use. The ear tips were too big to actually reach into the ear canal or for that matter deliver the right music experience. Since in-ear headphones rely on closeness to the ear canal, MEELectronics RX12 failed miserably when it came to bass experience. It was like listening to flat tones with lyrics. With sensitivity of 99dB, I expected more. Disappointing indeed.

Although, the point worth noting is that if I applied some pressure on ear tips, the bass experience improved considerably, essentially highlighting what I have said earlier, closeness to ear canal matters. This would not have been a problem had MEELectronics included varying sizes of ear tips.

In short if you have kind of small ears, avoid buying MEELectronics RX12.

Music Experience

First of all the isolation experience is mediocre. My age old sony in ear phones are way better. You won’t be missing out hearing door bells with MEELectronics RX12 put on. Treble delivery is good, never did I notice any “harshness” of any sort. However, on bass front, it goes bonkers if the ear tips don’t fit in well in your ears, but if they do then it certainly goes deep with a decent amount of effect.

Again, the listening experience varies depending on how well do RX12 fit in. I had bad experience but my colleague was comfortable using them.

Summing Up

MEELectronics RX12 won’t be shaking your ears but they are capable of delivering good music experience especially at the price of $14.99. If you look at it, the only trouble I faced was them not fitting into my ears. So, if you have a pair of big ears then this one can be given a try!

Link To Buy MEELectronics RX12 (Official Site)

Update: The good guys at MEElectronics were kind enough to explain me how to make sure that the in-ear headphones get a good seal. Here’s there reply:

“…You should pull the top part of your ear up and back while inserting your earphone to straighten out your ear canal, which should improve your ability to get a deep seal at the proper angle. Sometimes the shape of the outer ear can prevent the eartips from forming a good seal while wearing the earphones cable-down, but the RX12 was also designed to be worn cable-up….” 


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