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Highest eReader & eBook Sales In Kobo History In This Holiday Season

Kobo, a global leader in eReading with over 5 million users worldwide, revealed yestserday record sales for the holiday season.  This year the Kobo eReader was a very popular gift with people around the world receiving new Kobo Touch, Kobo Vox eReader and Kobo Wifi devices, driving company sales to a record high.

Kobo saw strong momentum with a 10 times increase in new customers from the company’s pre-holiday period, and hundreds of thousands of devices were activated each day since Christmas Eve, fuelling the highest eBook download rate in Kobo history – with eBooks being sold to Kobo customers every second of the day. Due to Kobo’s broad international footprint, people around the world chose Kobo this Christmas for their popular easy-to-use Kobo eReaders, top-rated free eReading applications for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and one of the largest global eBook catalogues in the world with over 2.5 million eBooks, newspapers and magazines.

The Kobo eBook gifting and eGift card program was more popular than ever this year, with people sending electronic gifts set to arrive digitally in recipients email accounts on Christmas morning.  eGifting more than tripled this holiday season and was adopted as a convenient gift giving solution. Some of the biggest gains internationally were in France with over 7,000% growth, the UK with over 1,000% and Germany which came in just shy of 1,000%.

After resounding success of Kindle Fire and Nook, Kobo is another success story. This is the reason that Google is planning to come out with its tablet in the price range of $200. Tablet segment is going to be very interesting this year!


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