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New Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphone Will Have A Hi-Def 3D Screen

As per a Korean leak, Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S III smartphone could display 3D films and games on its screen, and even plug into 3D televisions to ‘play’ 3D content such as photos. It is scheduled to be launch in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in late February, 2012 and will sport hi-tech features such as an AMOLED screen capable of 720p hi def. The phone will also have 2 GB of RAM, said the leak, reported by Korean news site ET News.

Samsung is now in different league and has established its brand equity in Android segment. The existence of a Galaxy S III is an absolute certainty after the runaway success of Samsung’s Galaxy S II, which sold 10 million units at last count, helping to propel Samsung’s smartphone sales past Apple’s in the third quarter of 2011.The Galaxy S II became the company’s fastest selling smartphone ever, selling three million units in just 55 days!

Samsung is the front runner in smartphones segment and its  its Galaxy smartphones helped win consumers amid competition with Apple Inc’s iPhone.

“The mobile business is generating a huge chunk of profit now for Samsung”, James Song, a Seoul-based analyst at Daewoo Securities Co, commented. “It may be getting harder for Apple to catch up because they only have a limited number of models.”


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