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Hike Announces official Launch of HikeMoji Stickers

Hike today announced the official launch of HikeMoji stickers. HikeMoji was launched in beta on 15 November last year and has already witnessed more than 1 Million HikeMojis created till date as claimed by Hike.

According to Hike, the ML on the platform has also significantly scaled from combing 100 trillion combinations in beta to 100 quintillion combinations in V1 rolled out today. This results in a HikeMoji created in under 3 seconds that’s more life-like than ever before. Inspired by the diversity of India, this also makes HikeMoji the largest platform for hyper local avatar creation.

The upgrade also brings users new features such as user generated stickers & seamless addition to WhatsApp. Through user-generated stickers, users can now convert anything they type into exclusive HikeMoji Stickers of themselves & easily add to WhatsApp in one click as further stated by Hike.

HikeMoji users can now play around with over 1,200 components including hairstyles, skin shades, accessories, facial features, expressions and even emotions giving them a chance to enjoy an avatar that not only reflects their personality but also their mood. The HikeMoji can be personalized with various features such as 350+ hairstyles, 20+ skin shades, over a million eye colours across the color intensity scale, 20+ face shapes, 400+ accessories (including newly introduced hair & neck accessories, gadgets, earrings, Maang tikas and more) and 40+ eye shapes.


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