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HONOR 200 with Intent-based UI, MagicOS 8.0 Powered by Android 14, Set To Launch in India

HONOR 200 series is set to be launched in India shortly. This phone will run on Magic OS 8.0, the world’s First Intent Based UI?. This latest operating system is designedto deliver an AI-driven experience, powered by HONOR’s proprietary MagicLM on-device AI large language model.  With features such as AI large language model, MagicLM, alongside innovative AI capabilities like Magic Capsule, Magic Portal and Magic Ring, HONOR 200 series will help boost productivity and enhance the overall user experience. 

MagicOS 8.0 utilizes a sophisticated 4-layer AI architecture. The base layer is cross-device and cross-OS AI, standing as a foundation of an open ecosystem for shared computing power and services.? A platform-level AI layer enables a personalized operating system for intent-based human-computer interaction.? The third layer is app-level AI for generative AI applications that should improve user experiences. At the top, there is an Interface to Cloud AI services that provide users with easy access to massive cloud services, while prioritizing privacy. 

MagicLM, HONOR’s proprietary on-device AI large language model, forms the core of Magic OS 8.0, delivering a cutting-edge AI experience. Specifically engineered to enhance natural language understanding and processing across text and speech interactions, MagicLM ensures smoother and more intuitive user interactions.

With its seven-billion-parameter architecture embedded in Snapdragon 8s Gen3, MagicLM enhances personalization and security and redefines user engagement. By processing data locally, it ensures personalized experiences while prioritizing user privacy. 

Magic Portal takes user interaction to the next level by intuitively understanding messages and guiding you to relevant apps. Whether you’re shopping online or navigating to an address received via messaging, Magic Portal streamlines tasks with a single gesture, thereby enhancing efficiency and personalizing your device experience by acting as a personal assistant at your fingertips.

Moreover, MagicOS 8.0 introduces AI Smart Folders and AI Blur which significantly helps in enhancing usability and privacy. In addition, Smart Folders make accessing apps quicker, while AI Blur safeguards sensitive information in screenshots, ensuring a secure experience.

MagicRing brings features that enhance user digital interactions by simplifying multitasking across devices with a seamless swipe, allowing easy access and management of multiple apps. It supports up to 8 concurrent services such as network sharing, screen sharing, keyboard and mouse sharing, camera sharing, window sharing, file sharing, call sharing, and notification sharing. Whether you’re using PCs, tablets, or smartphones, MagicRing streamlines your workflow by seamlessly integrating these functions across different screens. It’s like having a unified control center for all your devices, enhancing productivity and convenience wherever you are.

Magic Anywhere Door offers a streamlined file transfer experience through simple drag-and-drop operations. By long-pressing on text, pictures, files, and videos, it allows users to effortlessly drag them left or right on the screen to store them, enabling quick and efficient handling of important information. The all-new 3-Finger Swipe makes content collection effortless, letting you initiate a global search across your smartphone, laptop, and tablet screens by simply swiping down with three fingers.

Magic Capsule, a versatile touchscreen interface, simplifies access to essential functions like calls and alarms, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple apps. It keeps you updated on important notifications like timers and order statuses, ensuring convenience with just a glance.

Other interesting feature in the MagicOS 8.0 include Magic Lock Screen that offers a full screen Always on Display, allowing you to customize and personalize your lock screen uniquely. It also includes Parallel Spaces for enhanced security, which functions independently with completely isolated contacts and information, equipped with respective app galleries.

Stay tuned for more details in the coming days!


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