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House of Guvera Launches Global Headquarters In LA ; India Debut Later This Year

House of Guvera, the content division of global music streaming company Guvera, has announced its U.S. flagship location in the arts district of downtown Los Angeles. It serves as a full-fledged creative and event space for artists, musicians and brand partners, and will host live, intimate performances with established as well as emerging artists. House of Guvera will also provide a unique space for brand partners around the world to host events, as stated by the company in its press release.

House of Guvera

The House of Guvera has a website which hosts original content ranging from short online films about the music that inspires the lives of brilliant minds, interviews of artists on tour, along with photography of live music and branded content among other programming, adds the statement.

House of Guvera is set to launch in India later this year with its foothold in Mumbai,

Commenting on the impending launch of the initiative in India, Ananya Amin, Head of Business Development, Asia for Guvera said, “We are looking forward to bringing House of Guvera to Mumbai. The city is a strategic location for Guvera to introduce its content hub. Music has always been at the heart of this city, so we think it will be good fit.”

House of Guvera offers curation and creation of original content, to create deeper more engaging experiences on the Guvera streaming platform. Guvera operates in 20 countries and it also develops “branded channels” which are branded environments that house curated music, film and content that reflects the brand’s personality.


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