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How Consumers Use Their Smartphones And Tablets

Apparently, there is a continuous increase in the number of consumers that purchase electronic mobile devices particularly smartphones and tablets. Today, among the most popular brands and versions of smartphones are Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5, Blackberry Z10, HTC One,Sony XPeria range and LG Optimus range. For tablets, Apple and Samsung versions are among the most widely used. However, have you ever wondered how consumers use their mobile devices? Do they use smartphones to download and play music? Do they use tablets to play games?


Read below to find interesting facts:

How Consumers Use Smartphones

Based on recent market studies, here are the ways how consumers use their smartphones in 2012:

  • Sending SMS or text messages, maps and while traveling. SMS messaging seemed to be the top function by which consumers use their smartphones. It earned 90%. On the other hand, using smartphones to locate areas and using it while travelling to kill boredom or to do business stuff have both earned 72%.
  • While in a restaurant and while in a store. Aside from eating, many people go to restaurants to have business meetings or to hold events such as birthday parties. In addition, it is a place where many people, about 64%, use their smartphones maybe to access phone services such as those from RingCentral. On the other hand, 63% use their smartphones while in a store. Usually, these are convenient stores where they use their devices while eating or while deciding which ones to buy.

Research products. Lastly, 56% use their smartphones to research about products. Usually, these are through online stores like eBay and Amazon. Many of them also use Google to search about the specs of the products that they are looking for.

It is surprising that calling is not in the top ways on how consumers use their smartphones. Maybe it is already included in the actions that they do while in a restaurant or a store.

How Consumers Use Tablets

  • Web browsing and checking and sending emails. Not like the smartphones, many consumers, about 88%, use their tablets to browse the web. Included in the sites that they visit are social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. On the other hand, 84% use their tablets to check and send emails. As you know, many business people use electronic mobile devices such as tablets not only to access their phone system but also to do tasks such as emailing.
  • Play games. Games are among the top reasons why many buy mobile devices. Last year, 72% use their tablets to play games. Among the popular games that users play are Temple Run 2, Grand Auto Theft 3, Angry Birds Space, and so much more.
  • Videos. Lastly, 52% of consumers use their tablets to watch videos. Usually, they watch music videos and movies. Others record videos of special events such as reunions and parties.

These are the ways by which consumers use their smartphones and tablets. It must be noted that mobile usage is most prevalent during mornings and evenings. This could be attributed to the fact that these are the times that they have the most number of free time.

With these statistical data, businesses can now have an idea on how to approach or reach their prospective customers. With these knowledge, they can design the most effective strategy in so far as winning more loyal customers is concerned.


Author : Michelle Simpson –  is a full-time professional editor that focuses on online writing services, specialized in the field of technology like RingCentral PBX, business and current trends in the industry



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