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Cygnett SoundWave Bluetooth Speaker – Perfect Companion For Small Gatherings [Review]

I am always enticed by portable speakers and that’s largely because of their ability to deliver music anywhere, anytime with minimal setup. To top it off, the bluetooth streaming capabilities add to ease of use. Cygnett Soundwave Bluetooth Speaker is another addition to my ever growing kitty of portable speakers.

To begin with, I didn’t expect them to be so large in size. Yep, after using miniature capsule speakers, bar shaped dual speaker portable speakers, I had in mind something smaller in size. But they turned to be a far more bigger (and better). Alright enough of chit chat, lets get on with actual review:


Cygnett Speakers sport a minimalist design. On the top you’ll find triad of buttons with a dedicated button for Bluetooth pairing accompanied with a beautiful notification light (alternates between blue and green), Volume Increase and Volume Decrease respectively. The front face of speakers has a nice netted cloth covering (of sorts) and dual speakers are nicely stacked behind them.

Cygnett Bluetooth Speaker Front

At the back, there’s a toggle for powering On/Off the device, a DC in for connecting with wall socket and AUX IN used to connect with your mobile phone, iPhone, iPad and any other device possessing a 3.5mm audio out jack for streaming audio.

Cygnett Bluetooth Speaker Rear

Below is a compartment for 8 AA batteries, responsible for powering the device and making it truly portable. When lying in upright position, you wouldn’t even notice that it is carrying 4 sets of batteries within itself!

Sound Quality

As I mentioned earlier, I was expecting something smaller and more compact. However, Cygnett Speakers posses dimensions capable of replacing my desktop speakers! The difference is, it is capable of streaming music via bluetooth and thus requires no cables (and saves space).

Anyhow, not to stray away from the point of consideration. There are dual speakers which deliver a respectable bass (beyond a certain volume level) and exceptionally clear treble. Listening to soundtracks of Kenny G was blissful. Period.

Cygnett Bluetooth Speaker

Though on bass front, they were not able to deliver thumping experience but then again, smaller speaker companion aren’t expected to do so either. Though I wish there was more power for the speakers to justify their size and price. Anyhow, in terms of sound, the only downside is lack of sufficient bass.

Battery Performance

The unit requires 8 AA batteries for it to be called portable. Frankly, at first I planned to use them in conjunction with supplied wall socket but decided to give the batteries a go. The battery output varied with varying volume level and connection type. With bluetooth connection and mobile phone lying next to Cygnett Speaker, and volume at 50% level, the batteries ran for almost 4 hours. With AUX IN, I lazed out and skipped it but I believe, using AUX cable will increase battery life by another 30 minutes.

Cygnett Bluetooth Speaker Battery Compartment


The good part is Cygnett offers alternative modes of connecting devices with speakers:

  • Bluetooth
  • AUX IN Cable
  • Docking Station

For smartphones and other devices supporting bluetooth functionality, you can easily pair them with Cygnett Soundwave Bluetooth Speaker. Other traditional systems, etc can use AUX cable. No frills.

Cygnett Bluetooth Speaker With Dock

A useful inclusion is Dock stand bundled with speakers. It’s an adjustable sock which can easily hold any mobile device, iPhone and presumably tablet as well. However, its good enough to hold the device and NOT charge it simultaneously. Reason being, the depth of dock isn’t sufficient enough.

Summing Up

I’d categorize Cygnett Soundwave Bluetooth Speaker as more of desktop speakers rather than portable speakers, primarily because there’s no in-built rechargeable battery and buying, using 8 AA batteries doesn’t do justice to your pocket (in terms of money, that is). Apart from this, Cygnett Soundwave is a decent speaker delivering above average bass and great overall sound quality.

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