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How To Recover Lost Data And Files

Losing files on your computer is not an if, but a when. Chances are you will experience data loss at least once in your lifetime if not more.

There are any number of reason why you would experience lost files. Most are accidental deletions where you realise you still need a file you deleted, or you accidently delete the wrong file that you intended. Some reasons are more terrifying, like virus infections or system crashes.

Whatever the reason, there are still ways to recover lost files, regardless of which format they are.


What to do incase of lost files:

  • Firstly, check in your recycle bin. Hopefully it’s still there in which case you can easily restore it.
  •  If it isn’t there, do a quick search on your computer to make sure you didn’t just accidentally move it.

If your search didn’t bring back any results, it’s time to get out the big guns.

Hard Drive Recovery

When you or a virus deletes files, it’s never completely deleted from the hard drive. It’s space is just made available for new information to be stored over it. Thus if you react quickly before new data can be stored over files you want to recover, there still might be a chance to save them. The process in recovering these files manually are quite technical and outside the scope of most average computer users. That is where data recovery comes in handy.

Just click a few buttons or follow the step by step wizard provided and your data will be recovered in no time. Data Recovery Wizard from EaseUS is probably the most recognised recovery software on the market, although there exist a ton of other recovery software providers as well (http://www.easeus.com/data-recovery-software/)

EaseUS though have a lot more benefits, and have packages to cater from the individual at home, to large IT companies offering specialised recovery services to their own clients. With credentials like that, it’s no wonder they are the largest in the business.

Emails, images, videos, compressed files, audio and documents are just a few of the files they are able to recover and it doesn’t matter if it is a result of deletion, virus attack or system failure. You can also recover files from any storage device like hard drives and thumb drives.

So next time when you lose files, no need to panic. Just download some recovery software like those on offer by EaseUS, and recover your files before it’s too late.

But always remember to check your recycle bin first.


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