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Syenergy Environics Has Developed Solutions For Radiation Management

Syenergy Environics is a radiation management company working in homes & workspaces to nullify effects of harmful radiations. 20% of the Earth’s surface area emits Radiations. This means that 20% of people are affected by some form of Radiation. Some of the sources of Negative Radiation, which Environics deals with are:

• Geopathic Stress – Natural geological phenomena like Underground cavities, fissures as well as Magnetic Grid Lines of the Earth.
• Electromagnetic / Microwave Radiations from Mobile Phones, Computers, Tablets, Wi-Fi Routers, Servers and Mobile Transmission Towers.

Non-intrusive solutions have been developed by Syenergy Environics to neutralize the impact of some of the harmful radiations present in our living and working Environment – Homes, Offices, Factories, etc. The company has developed the “Enviro Chip”, which is a Radiation Protector Chip for Mobile Phones, Computers, etc and it neutralizes the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiations without affecting or reducing the signal quality and strength of the devices it is fixed on.

Responsible organizations have looked at implementing Environics to meet their HR as well as CSR initiatives by making their work environment Healthier and more positive and hence reducing the risk of illness and stress levels.

Syenergy Envrionics in partnership with Technopak, a leading consulting firm conducted a research on growth of mobile phones, awareness about radiation on from the devices, the acceptability amongst people to use product preventing radiation, and diseases caused about EMF radiation. Based on this information, the company has created an interesting infographic, which is reproduced below:

Infographic Radiation (1)


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