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Hygia Magic Photocatalytic Compact Fluorescent Lamp Launched For Germ-Free Environment

To address issues of hygiene and eco-imbalance around us,which is cause of deep concern, RKS Group of Companies, has launched today Hygia Magic, a Photocatalytic Compact Fluorescent Lamp that acts as a sanitizer, purifier and de-odourizer empowers all with a simple, safe and affordable solution to continuously sanitize your surroundings without the use of harmful chemicals. It is a technologically advanced, sustainable nanotechnology based solution for air and surface sanitation that uses advanced photo-catalytic process.


Hygia Magic lamp in real term is a true magic for well-being of human life as it is environmental friendly, chemical free and made of globally accepted Nanotechnology.

This lamp is available in 20 and 15 watts and its price is Rs. 2994, and is available online on the website of the company. This lamp can be fitted in enclosed environment and  it has life span of 5000 hours.

Hygia Magic gives 99.99% air purification that reduces microbial and chemical load by breaking it down into simple, natural and non-harmful substances. This also offers an eco-friendly and almost chemicals-free solution that includes a highly-effective process with international technology to disinfect your surroundings from germs and pathogens.

Hygia Magic prevents the spread of infectious diseases from deadly viruses and bacteria. As an added health benefit, Hygia Magic also reduces global warming by breaking down ChloroFluoroCarbons and various Green House Gases into non-harmful products.

Hygia Magic fluorescent lamp has utility at multiple levels and is ideally sutiable for kitchen, bathroom, living spaces, Pet Stores, Hotels & Restaurants, Supermarket, Hospitals, Laboratory, Office Buildings, Food Processing Centers, and Warehouses, etc,

Speaking at the launch event, Mr. R.K Saxena, CMD, RKS Group of Companies, said, “This magical device will change the sense of cleaning and will help people to live and enjoy healthy germ free life in their indoors. This can be a blessing to the people as it will reduce their sick days to almost nil. This magic creates pure and healthy environment for them to work tirelessly. I feel proud and blessed to be a helping hand in providing society a practical solution to create a germ free environment.”

Kudos to RKS Group for launching such an incredible product, which is the need of the hour and it will solve many environmental problems being faced by us. Although it is priced high but in the long run, this product will give more value for money and its benefits will outweigh its price.

If you care about proper hygiene and are worried about environment then you should not hesitate to install Hygia Magic in your premises.


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