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IMImobile Develops iPad App For UK Youth To Secure Employment

IMImobile, a leading global mobile data infrastructure and solutions provider to telecom operators, enterprises and media companies, has launched in partnership with Telefónica UK and Streetspace an iPad app that provides youth workers with an interactive tool to educate and help young people land their first job.

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Telefónica UK who funds a number of projects that aim to improve communities around the UK as part of their Think Big Project approached IMImobile with the opportunity to develop an iPad app on behalf of Streetspace, an initiative that aims to promote young people’s personal and social development.

IMImobile supports both, Telefónica UK Think Big and Streetspace values and shares Telefónica UK’s belief in corporate responsibility to help various communities and have a positive effect on young people’s lives. The iPad app provides essential information from the initial stages of matching skills to potential jobs, finding jobs, managing expectations, the interviewing process, to dealing with unemployment. With definable parameters and utilising IMImobile’s iPad development kit, the app delivers tailored content in an engaging format to help users find their first job.

Alex Klose, Head of Marketing at IMImobile, commented: “With iPads increasingly being integrated with how people learn, it is important to provide young people with the correct tools to assist with the transition from education to career. At IMImobile we believe in investing in the future and we’re delighted to work with Telefónica UK and Streetspace in developing an iPad app that helps youth workers to educate young people, so that they can start their career and shape their future.”


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