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Impact Of High Speed Internet On Developing Areas

High speed internet has been one of the catalysts of change to some developing areas around the globe. Its importance has been recognized by the World Bank as the dominant factor for the increase in the economic growth of certain developing countries.

The impact of high speed internet on developing areas is very broad to discuss. However, it boils down into three common denominators, its impact to economic growth, government services and to people’s way of life.

Impact Of High Speed Internet On Economic Growth, Government Services

According to research, for every 10 % increase in internet speed, there is 1.3 % economic growth. High speed internet has been known to provide better market on businesses. Imports and exports system can be done easily by the use of the internet.

Profit can be maximize by saving a lot on useless overhead expenses like snail mails, paper costs and printing. By the use of high speed internet, the wall between the consumers and sellers is demolished. Thus, direct and personal transactions are dealt easily. As internet offers worldwide connectivity, local businesses are exposed to the international market. This gives them the opportunity to extend their business beyond domestic demands.

High speed internet can be a powerful force to change the government services. With its use, government sectors can already provide its citizens fast and reliable services. In health sector, medical personnel could provide their clients state of the art critical care by the use of IP based medical equipments.

Education could be easy if internet will be utilized at schools. There is a vast knowledge internet can deliver to students. For instance, schools in rural area can conduct video lectures/instructions from teachers from different places. With this, children can maximize their learning experience inside the classrooms.

Impact Of High Speed Internet On People’s Way Of Life

There are many ways high speed internet could have an impact to people’s way of life. One of this is the impact on how people see life and the world. Internet opens the gate for the world. It opens the door for opportunities and most especially knowledge. In a matter of one click, people can be updated by the current events around the globe. Anytime, they can connect to their love ones via phone call or video call.

Internet brings comfort and convenience to people. With the use of high speed internet, people can plan their vacations online. They can book tickets and pay it online too. How people pay bills can also be changed. Long time ago, people used to line to pay bills. Nowadays, people can pay through their smart phones.

High speed internet connection has indeed affected how mankind lives today. It is slowly becoming a necessity. Without internet, people will be stagnant. Mankind will have a difficulty in maximizing its full potential.

With the use of high speed internet connection, people will be united as thoughts are shared and cultures are understood. With this, peace and development will blossom in every developing areas.


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  1. Hi Mark,

    High speed internet is really a big help because most people today used it in their daily life and in most cases, business people usually use internet.

  2. I agree that high speed internet can change the way people live their lives, it impacts them greatly that it can even stimulate economic growth to a country. Internet is an indispensable tool for every human being.

    Great Post!


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