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Android Jelly Bean ‘Almost’ Made Official By Google!

Google has made it official that the up-coming version of Android 4.1 will indeed be referred to as Jelly Bean. This came in to light when Google “spilled” the beans in their ever-so-colorful courtyard!

An image capturing the moment was posted on the official Google+ page of Google Developer.

It’s anticipated that along with other major announcements, Google will also put forward plans for future release of Android Jelly Bean. As of now, not much is known about what to expect and what not to from Android Jelly Bean, it’s hardware requirements, software enhancements, base code alterations, nothing for the moment. However, as usual, being a Google product, you can be sure that something awesome is definitely on it’s way!

Let’s wait and watch what’s in store for the ever excited Android community 🙂


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