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Improved & Faster UC Browser 9.4 For Android Released

UCWeb, a global leading provider of mobile internet software and services, has announced the release of  UC Browser 9.4 for Android. According to the company, this version is faster and comes with  key improvements such as  Auto Pager feature, an upgraded Speed Mode, increased download speeds, which will provide a faster browsing experience in a variety of settings.

Key Features :


Auto Pager 
Auto Pager has been developed to give a seamless browsing experience with web content divided into pages, such as search results and Facebook feeds. When you reach the end of your current page, Auto Pager will automatically load the next one, without having the need to press “Next Page”. Auto Pager works on the lite version of popular sites like Google, Twitter, Facebook and more. This removes the huge annoyance of constantly clicking through and waiting for pages after pages. Auto Pager is designed to minimize the waiting time for exploring your favorite content.


Speed Mode II
By detecting the type of internet connection you have, the device you are using, and what webpage you are browsing, UC Browser fetches the most suitable version of the webpage for you. Taking these factors into consideration, UC Browser will load the Desktop, Mobile, or a Lite version of the webpage. UC Browser is now aware of your browsing environment and makes the most of it for you.

Increased Download Speed
The download process is now faster than ever – the average download speed under 3G network even doubles.

Download Photos from Facebook
With new UC Browser version, you can press on any of your photos on Facebook, and save them to your phone via pop-up menu.

Facebook Video Uploader (Add-on)
UC Browser not only makes it easier for you to save images from Facebook for keeps, it also provides you a shortcut to share joyful moments captured on video with friends.  You can record a video with the Facebook Video Uploader, and upload it to Facebook straightaway with just one single step.

General Improvements
In addition to the above mentioned new features and enhancements, UC Browser 9.4 also comes with Android 4.4 support, typing optimization, and additional Hindi support.

You can download new vesion from Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.UCMobile.intl&hl=en


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