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Indian Grand Prix, Formula 1 Event: Professionalism Versus Common Wealth Games – Corruption and Looting

Formula 1 fixture concluded yesterday speak volumes for professionalism shown by private enterpreneur Jaypee Group, in conducting the event, which has been praised by all. Racing circuit was constructed in record time and in world standards and there was no hiccup in the arrangements. All were dazzled by the preparations and arrangements and racing circuit.

World champion and winner of the first Indian Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel was the winner of first Indian Grand Prix, but real champ is India and private enterpreneurship, which have shown to the world that WE are capable of organising any type of event to world-class standard. Kudos to Jaypee Group.

I am overwhelmed and delighted that the organisers  have not invited any big politician and sports minister to the event except UP Chief Minister, Mayawati, to give winning trophy. I am not a fan of Mayawati because of her many shortcomings but she deserves praise for making this event successful by giving single window clearance. She has shown to the people that she is capable of doing good  and great things also. My salutations to the organisers for snubbing politicians and sports minister. Yes, you can do without them. Well Done!

Compare this event to last year’s Common Wealth Games (CWG ), which were embodiment of corruption and looting taxpayer’s money. Multiplicity of agencies, full of corrupt officials, were responsible, for the shoddy preparations and arrangements in CWG. Everybody knows how the games were organised and majority of organisers are languishing in jails on account of  corruption charges in procurements.

The government should learn a lesson from this event. They are incapable of organising big events as majority of their departments and state governments are embedded in corruption. They should outsource such events to private enterpreneur who would organise everything in a systematic and in the time frame and at much less cost as they would be interested in their percentage of profit only and would not bleed the government.

The government should even outsource the work of  repairing of roads/bridges etc to private companies as they would repair it by using good material and shall give some warranty for the work carried out by them. Local municipal corporations and Public Works Department should be divested of  such type of work as whatever they do is of inferior quality and their main motive is to make money whatever projecs they handle.

Government should be wise to disband these departments as these are proving to be white elephants and handover the work to private companies as these government departments have lost credibility and beyond improvement.


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