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Indian Handset Makers To Design Smartphones In India – Smart Move To Reduce Dependence Upon Green Currency & China

I was reading yesterday a comment made by an expert when asked why there are no world – renowned  inventions like iPad/iPhone devices etc. in India. He replied that much of these inventions occur because Indians make most of the contributions in evovling such type of devices. We have many brains working on various projects in the country and our silicon valley like Bangalore, Hyderabad etc. are full of R&D centers of foreign companies where Indians are busy doing research for foreign projects.

It shows no major invention is possible without contribution by Indians and if we can contribute a lot for foreign companies then definitely we can do for our industry also. It is very surprising that maximum number of  tablets and smartphones are being outsourced from Taiwan by leading suppliers like Apple, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Motorola etc., to name a few companies. If they can produce such successful devices then there is no reason why we can’t do the same thing in a more better way.

There is a report in the newspaper that Indian handsets makers like Micromax, Spice, Lava, Zen, Karbonn, Maxx, Olive, who are outsourcing their phones from China are facing the heat as US Dollar has become very dear and they are unable to remain competitive. They still have the option to leave dependence of importing from China and get their smartphones designed indigenously. With the type of talent available in the country, they will be very successful and we have abundance of software experts who would be very happy to develop various apps for Indian handsets manufacturers. Probably, until now they have underestimated the strength of Indian hardware and software experts.

In order to be successful, Indian companies will have to change their mindset. They should pay full respects to the Indian developers and should pay properly and reasonably to them the way they get paid by foreign companies and only then they will be able to extract world class work from them.

We look forward to the day when we would be covering indigenously developed smartphones and tablets in a gala event!


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