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Indians Comfortable Sharing Information Online – Intel Study Report

According to a recent study commissioned by Intel Corporation, majority of adults and teens around the world are sharing information about themselves online and feel better connected to family and friends due to this. However, the survey also revealed a perception of “oversharing,” with at least six out of ten adults and teens saying they believe other people divulge too much information about themselves online, with Japan being the only exception country.

This annual ‘Mobile Etiquette’ survey examined the current state of mobile etiquette and evaluated how adults and teens in eight countries share and consume information online, as well as how digital sharing impacts culture and relationships. The research was conducted in the United States, Australia, Brazil, China, France, India, Indonesia and Japan.

The India findings of the study revealed that the respondents were comfortable sharing information online, with 81 percent adults in India sharing information online once a week or more and close to 48 percent once a day or more. Inter personal communication seems to have taken a beating as 64 percent of adults in India prefer to share information online than in person and 44 percent said they were embarrassed by or regretted something they have shared online.

Online networking platforms seem to have moved beyond their popularity to being a part of the teenager’s lives as 69 percent of teens feel they are “missing out” if they are not able to share or consume information online. Further, 43 percent of the teen respondents are keen to make sure every moment of their life – even the ordinary one – is posted online.

Over 80 percent of adults responded to Intel’s ‘Mobile Etiquette’ survey wishing that people practiced better etiquette when using mobile devices in public. Majority of people think mobile manners have become worse, with the exception of adults in China who are more likely than others to believe mobile manners have truly started to improve (compared to a year ago).

As an innovator behind the technology powering mobile devices and mobile lifestyles, Intel is on a continued quest to understand consumers’ changing mobile usage models, how these models impact consumers’ lives and how technology should evolve in the future. This drives Intel innovation to create the technology experiences that people desire and love.


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