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Flexible Bluetooth Keyboard – Perfect Travel Companion For On The Go Editing

Touch devices have more screen space to work with but when it comes to working with text, editing files, typing in short, the virtual keyboard takes up the space. Essentially defeating the entire purpose of “extra” screen space.

To make up for this there’s the option of using physical keyboard with your iPad/phone. And the best way out is a wireless Bluetooth keyboard. Thanks to Mobilefun.co.uk, I had the chance to use Flexible Bluetooth keyboard.

To being with, the minute I tore down packaging I was amazed to see how compact the keyboard was. As a matter of fact I couldn’t believe it was actually a keyboard, probably because this was my first time using a flexible, foldable physical keyboard. Anyhow let’s start with review:

The Looks

Futuristic. Yes, indeed. It’s foldable, bendable, flexible to extent that you can actually roll it up and put in your pocket. Plus the light weight of keyboard makes it truly portable. Wrap it up, store in tightest corner of your baggage! No issues.


Flexible Bluetooth Keyboard is a physical keyboard so sturdiness is definitely something to look for. Fortunately, the flexible nature of keyboard eliminates the question of “well” built structure. The good part is it is sturdy enough to handle bends and curves rather its it’s USP! The downside is you’ll be needing a hard surface to put it on and work with it, every time you want to use it.

Regarding keys, they are soft and key presses are noticeable. Not big enough to replace your regular keyboard neither small enough to make you feel uncomfortable. They are just about the right size for a portable keyboard.


Flexible Bluetooth Keyboard, as the same says, connects with your device wirelessly via Bluetooth. Pairing with the device is a 3 step procedure, turn on the Bluetooth (on both the devices); connect with keyboard; enter pass key on keyboard and hit “enter”. Nothing fancy needs to be done, no settings need to be altered.

In terms of using the keyboard, I’d say, it will take some time in getting used to it. Prime reason for saying so is the flexible nature of keyboard. You will need to apply more pressure on keys to get the result. Nonetheless, once you get acquainted, typing will be fairly easier. (On a side note, this paragraph was composed using the very same keyboard! Yeah!)

As far as supported devices are concerned, officially the packaging says “Compatible with iPad/iPhone” but I was able to connect it with my new iPad, Samsung Galaxy S II (running CyanogenMod 10) and Dell laptop (Windows 8 installed). Used it with all the aforementioned devices and never did I face any issues using the keyboard. As a matter of fact, I was way more comfortable using it with my laptop and android phone than iPad :p

Anyhow, to wrap up the review, I’d say, for the price it comes at, Flexible Bluetooth Keyboard is a strong contender of a place in your travel luggage. Yay! For occasional writers on the go. Nay! For heavy editors.

You can buy Flexible Bluetooth keyboard for from Mobilefun using this link – Flexible Bluetooth Keyboard

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