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Indians Prefer Android Touchscreen Handsets With Average Price Of Rs. 10,000

As per a report revelaed by iShopper Mobile Trends, majority of Indians prefer to buy new smartphone for less than Rs. 10,000 and majority of such devices are working on Android operating system. Another fact brought by the report is that Indians prefer to possess touchscreen handsets with dual-sim capabilities and Samsung’s Galaxy Y is the largest selling device in the country. Here is the list of few findings :

  • Average price of a mobile phone sold in India is Rs. 10,764 and the median price is Rs. 7,180
  • 28 percent of the phones fall in the price range of Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 5,000
  • 36 percent of the 538 mobiles listed on iShopper are dual sim phones
  • 58 percent of the phones sold are touchscreen phones
  • Android is the most widely used operating system with 31 percent of the Indian market share
  • Samsung has the highest number of phones in the database (19 percent)
  • Most popular mobile continues to be the Samsung Galaxy Y, running the android operating system
  • Windows OS has so far managed to get only a 4 percent of the handset volume share

From the above report, it is quite evident that majority of Indians can’t spend on high-end smartphones of Samsung, Apple, HTC and of LG. Although this report is for mobile handsets but it holds good for tablets also, where majority of Indians prefer to buy tablets in sub 10,000 range. This is the reason that local handsets and tablets makers like Micromax, Karbonn Mobiles are doing brisk business in India. These companies have variety of handsets models in the range of Rs. 2000 to 10,000, to suit everybody’s pocket. Moreover, these companies have come out with attractive designs to lure the customers to buy their devices, who can’t afford expensive handsets.

As far as Windows phones are concerned, the presence of their devices is negligible. The major player of Windows phones in India- Nokia must adopt aggressive marketing strategies like offering their Windows phones on zero percent EMI for longer duration of 12 to 18 months to increase their market share in India.



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