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Nokia Lumia 920 Sold Out In USA

Struggling Finnish handset maker Nokia has a very pleasant and morale boosting news this holiday season. Their latest flagship smartphone Lumia 920 on Windows 8 platform, is getting tremendous response in US since its launch and such is the overwhelming demand for this device that it has been completely sold out on Amazon.com and seeing some wait times on AT&T for some versions.

The wait time for Lumia 920 is one to two weeks on US’s biggest retail online store Amazon.com. The black Lumia 920 is also sold out on AT&T’s website in US, which is selling this smartphone under two years contract, and is listed as completely out of stock. The yellow and cyan versions of the phone have one- to two-week wait times while white and red versions appear still to be available. The phone is also sold out in Germany and Australia.

Nokia Lumia 920 is available in variety of colours unlike other smartphones of leading companies like Samsung, Apple and LG. Going by the initial reports, Nokia Lumia 920 is performing well and Nokia will be relieved for the time being, because it success is of paramount importance for the company.

Probably, this is the reason that Nokia has not released Lumia 920 & 820 in all global markets especially its important markets like China and India, because they were probably testing the waters in US and few other countries, before launching their latest Lumia devices in all the important markets. It is high time for Nokia to release Lumia 920 and 820 in India and China, where they still have good brand equity for their products despite aggression of Android smartphones especially of Samsung and of small players like HTC, LG and Sony.

Like US, we are quite optimistic that Nokia’s latest Lumia 920 and 820 will get good reception and in-order to get maximum share of the market, Nokia should explore the possibilities of selling these devices under contract like in US and through zero percent EMI for 12 months. Many prospective buyers in India will flock to Nokia stores to buy their new devices if Nokia can come out with these or more innovative marketing schemes. And Nokia should launch these devices in India as early as possible!


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