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Innovative Products Shown At IFA, Berlin – Part II

IFA consumer electronics show has concluded yesterday. Many participating companies based throughout the world have utilised this golden opportunity and platform to introduce their path-breaking and innovative products in this event having a huge footfall. In our second article, we give below details of few interesting products :

Haier Europe has introduced washing machines at IFA 2012, which measure out the precise amount of detergent required, automatically adjust their programme to the degree of soiling, and remove residues in between spin cycles. Some of the other appliances are provided with an antibacterial door seal and a detergent tray. Haier also presented the prototype of a three-door fridge-freezer combination whose opaque front panel becomes transparent when touched. It also has a function that assesses the amount of food stored in the unit and advises when replenishments are needed. If the owner cannot be bothered, the ideas function suggests recipes based on the contents of the refrigerator.

Soundracer gives electric cars a “safe” sound

Electric cars are the coming thing and they run silently. What is a welcome development from an environmental point of view is often a hazard to pedestrians and cyclists, who may be unaware of an approaching vehicle. For this reason there are plans to require such vehicles to be fitted with a device that creates an artificial noise. At IFA 2012, SoundRacer AB he is exhibited a system that provides electric vehicles with the sound of a conventional engine. The company does not lack experience in this field, having already supplied more than 100,000 of its sound systems for those drivers who want to hear a proper engine sound even in a small car. The Soundstick obtains its power from the socket in the vehicle, connects to the car radio, and makes a Smart sound like a Shelby Mustang, Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari 512 or a Lexus LFA.

SanDisk has the fastest memory card

SanDisk , which claims to be the leading manufacturer of flash memory solutions, announced what is certain to be the fastest memory card for mobile devices at IFA 2012. The SanDisk Extreme Pro microSDHC UHS-I card is available in an 8 and a 16 GByte version and is intended in particular to increase the data storage capacity of smartphones and tablets.

There is bound to be plenty of interest in the SanDisk Extreme USB flash drive , designed for USB 3.0, for files with up to 190 Mbyte/s, enabling data to be transferred ten times faster than with a USB 2.0 drive. 40 GByte can be transferred in four minutes. To enable laptops and PCs to start up faster the company can offer the SanDisk Extreme SSD , which gets a PC up and running in less than 16 seconds, and shuts it down in the same time.

TrekStor introduces its first tablets at IFA

TrekStor has showcased three models of tablets at IFA 2012 with differing screen diagonals. A system was also shown for connecting an Android tab to a television set. Other new items included an e-book reader with or without WLAN, and a DVB-T stick for use with Macs.

Logitech’s brilliant sound experience

Logitech has brought many new products to Berlin for IFA 2012. Combining its many years of experience with wireless products with the professional, musical expertise of Ultimate Ears (UE), the company has created an impressive sound for all occasions.

Boombox , a mobile Bluetooth loudspeaker, which is smaller Mobile Boombox has a built-in microphone, enabling it to be used as a hands-free device. Among the headphones particular mention should be made of the UE 900 noise-isolating earphones and the UE 6000 , the latter with active noise suppression.

Korean bracelets provide a four-dimensional sound experience

A four-dimensional sound experience is promised by the Korean company SEIL. At IFA 2012 the company exhibited its SOT (Sound of Tangibility) bracelet, which transmits the vibrations from music, films or games with an adjustable intensity to the body, thereby intensifying the experience. The PO 1 can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. It will be launched on the Korean market in September.


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