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Install Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread On Samsung Galaxy 5 I5503/I5500 – Step By Step Guide

So you own a Samsung Galaxy 5 I5503/I5500 and probably running the age old Android 2.1 (Eclair) unless you have already flashed it with a Froyo version using my previous guide. Since the Froyo, a lot has changed, new android devices have been launched with more power in their back accompanied by sturdier version of Android, the latest being Ice Cream Sandwich. Unfortunately, Samsung hasn’t been kind enough to it’s older devices unlike Nokia, dropping support of Samsung Galaxy 5 I5503/I5500 and similar cheaper devices, by not pushing Android updates to them even though they are very much capable of running almost all of them!

Anyhow, we are not here to crib about Samsung’s policies so I’ll get straight to the point. I have a Samsung Galaxy 5 and being lured by those awesome Cyanogen Custom ROM’s for Android, I couldn’t wait to test if the good ‘ol Galaxy 5 with a mediocre ~600 Mhz processor still had the tendency to cope up with developments in Android and vice-versa. And guess what, It worked! No Rooting require…..!!! I was actually able to run Android 2.3.7 on the “age old” Samsung Galaxy 5 I5503/I5500 without and issues. Infact, this unofficial update turned out to be a blessing in disguise by bring in improvements in form of:

  • Highly improved battery usage
  • Beautiful user interface (blows mind!)
  • Nexus style screen lock animation, beautiful indeed
So, I’ll stop teasing with all the awesomeness that this guide will bring to your Galaxy 5 smart-phone and start with the process right now ๐Ÿ™‚

Be Prepared With

Before we start, you’ll need to download some software and get ready with some hardware so that there’s no “Darn It! Why didn’t this work?” moment. You’ll need the following:

  • Samsung Galaxy 5 USB drivers (For 64bit, 32 version of Windows) – Download Here – For 32 BitFor 64 Bit – This becomes important. I literally banged my head when my device didn’t connect to laptop. I had the wrong perception that Windows 7 will automatically set up the mobile phone for me. But it didn’t.
  • ODIN Multi Downloader, EUROPA, ClockWork Mod For Galaxy 5, Google Apps and Custom ROM from MADTeam – Download Here – You don’t really need to know what and why all these things do. I’ll be guiding you through. For now, just download all these files which have been packed into a single .rar file for your convenience ๐Ÿ™‚
  • USB Cable using which you can connect your Samsung Galaxy to windows running computer.
  • MicroSD card with free Space of at-least 1 GB – You’ll be needing this to backup the current version of ROM running on your galaxy, just to be on safe side andย transferringย the new Android Gingerbread version 2.3.7 to your device for automatic flashing!
  • Fully charged galaxy phone.
  • Make a full backup of your mobile phone including contacts, media, etc.


I hate reading and writing disclaimer. But because activities like this can potentially break your device, It’s important that we clarify some things before proceeding. Otherwise you’ll be up in a jiffy to grab my neck and hold me responsible for anything that goes bad with your device. So, it’s better to make some things clear. First, the files you’ve downloaded above haven’t been developed by me or anyone here at TechVorm, I have compiled them from trusted sources and the same has worked for me. Second, although I’ll try to be explanatory about the process but there are noย guarantees. Shit happens. Third, Do not switch off/reboot your mobile phone during this process. You’ll screw up everything.

Phase I

  1. Turn off your Galaxy 5.
  2. Hold the Volume Down + Home + Power Button to put it in “Download Mode” (as shown below).
  3. Run ODIN Multi Downloader found in Galaxy 5 Prep Pack.
  4. Select EUROPA.ops in the OPS field.
  5. Select One Package and ClockworkMod-Galaxy5-v0.4.tar in the one package field.
  6. Now connect your phone to your computer via usb cable and wait for it to show up in ODIN (Under COM Port mapping).
  7. Once it shows click on “Start”.
Your mobile phone will now boot in Clockwork Recovery with a screen something similar to one shown below:

Phase II

  1. Using the D pad browse to “Mounts and storage”.
  2. Once in mounts and storage select “Mount USB Storage”.ย Your memory card will show up in your computer.
  3. Copy the “update-cm-7.1.0-RC1-MADTEAM-v1.6-signed.zip” file from Galaxy 5 Prep Pack to the memory card from your computer and safely remove/eject the memory.
  4. Now, on your mobile press the back button several times, till you reach the Clockwork recovery screen as shown above.

Phase III

  1. Browse to Wipe date/factory reset and select “yes” – This will revert your mobile to factory settings and delete all the data (But we have back up. Yay!).
  2. Browse to Wipe cache and select “yes”.
  3. Browse to Advanced –> Wipe dalvik cache and select “Yes”.

Phase IV

Now comes the stage where you put the custom ROM viz.ย Cyanogen Mod 7.1 which will put Android 2.3.7 in your Galaxy 5 I5503/I5500.

  1. Browse to Install zip from SD card and select “Select zip from SD card”.
  2. Select the “update-cm-7.1.0-RC1-MADTEAM-v1.6-signed.zip” file that you copied to the memory card in Phase II.
  3. Initiate it by selecting “yes”.
  4. Once its done reboot your phone by selecting “Reboot system now” from the main menu.
Now, if your mobile phone reboots without any issue and shows the homescreen then you haveย successfullyย installed Android Gingerbread version 2.3.7 on your Samsung Galaxy 5. What you need to do now is install Android Market, Gmail and other Google apps. For that follow the below mentioned steps:
  1. Press the power button and select “reboot”.
  2. Now select “recovery”.
  3. You will be taken to Clockwork Recovery mode (as it did earlier).
  4. Go to “Mounts and Storage” and select “Mount USB storage”.
  5. Connect your device to computer and from your computer copy “Google Apps.zip” file to memory card.
  6. Safely remove/eject memory card from your computer.
  7. On your mobile, from the Clockwork recovery screen go to “Install zip from SD card” –> Select “zip from sd card” and select “Google Apps.zip” file.
  8. Now select “Yes”.
  9. Once the installtion is done, reboot your phoneย by selecting “Reboot system now” from the main menu.
That’s it! You have a Samsung Galaxy 5 with Android 2.3.7 version fully running in it….. ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy the Android awesome and do share your views/queries via comment section below.
Update: If the link given above for downloading Custom Gingerbread ROM doesn’t work then download from here – Galaxy Custom ROM Pack.


  1. no need for this i alrready had tried it worked but phone gets very slow and it will tease you i am again back to 2.2

  2. thanks for ur posting my frnd
    its was a sucessful one for and now mnie is 2.3.7.
    and every thing is changed…
    thanks a lot yar…………..


  3. Plz Plz give me a valid download link.Very excited to upgraded to 2.3.7…Two days back upgraded Galaxy 5 from 2.1 to 2.2

  4. Both the links to download the file is same. It is pointed to rapidshare website. when we click on the link it showing file not found error.

  5. Does FM radio work in this version 2.3.7? I am going to upgrade but before that I would like to confirm this.

  6. Hi Paritosh,

    Link you posted to download the 2.3.7 files is not working as it is showing file not found error. Could you please upload another link.


  7. Hey guys who are facing the problem of boot loop & phone not starting. Plzz flash 2.2 again and start thr phone and type*#*#5570#*#* and press ok. The phone will be restored to factory settings and then carry on with this tutorial. This tutorial is written assuming that ur phone is at intial state. So bringing ur phone to initial state is crucial before carrying out the steps of the tutorial. Hope this works for u guys……

    So.. IM NOT THE ONLY ONE who get the same issues for following this step.
    And the writer havent respond to any commenter yet ๐Ÿ™

    If anyone solved this problem please share

  9. this time i need 2.3 for my samsung galaxy 5 .i tried to find the links but it didnt helped me ..
    so if u have any sites or advise pls let me know

    the link wich u above mentioned is no longer available

  10. Hi I am trying to upgrade from 2.1 to 2.3.7 but i am facing the same issue……how to revert it or fix it…..

  11. I want to downgrade to android 2.2 or 2.1, but couldnt get the link, can send me the updated link?? [link removed] Please…..

  12. What to do if I accidentally wipe all and not saveโ€ฆ
    I dont have everything now.. and it coutinu reboot reboot reboot reboot What shall i do please
    tell me its continu reboot reboot

  13. WIFI Hotspot is working.

    There is a separate way to resolve the issue.

    Thanks for this ROM.


  14. its’nt run
    its like that android
    and reboot
    what shall i do please
    my android is I5503 2.1update1

  15. when i wipe data
    its not work ohhhhhhhh
    nooooooooooo whats the problem
    please tell me its’nt Run please

  16. I had already installed froyo before I tried this upgrade…….but it was from a different source..does dat also matter?…..bcos I have 2.2 and still its showing this problem..:(

  17. buddy 1st u have to install android 2.2 (Froyo) then install this Android 2.3.7. and everything will work. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. hey, i do until phase IV, after i select reboot system, it continues to flash samsung and android only… just samsung then android then samsung then android. What shall i do?

  19. Hey paritosh………..My phone is not able to boot in clockwork recovery mode in the start itself….It sticks to the downloading mode only even when I press Start…….Can u tell the probelm??………and in the odin multi dowloader in the message column dis is what is exactly displayed–

    Download Start…
    Create File…
    StartThread Detected : 1
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    — cannot open the usb serial port. code: 5

  20. Just installed it on my samsung i5503 and it worked and its great. Thankyou. But need more time to check whether all the features are working… Till now everything seems fine

  21. yup u can but it is recommended to 1st upgrade to 2.2 and then to 2.3.7
    i m also using galaxy I5503 and i have done the same..
    now i have 2.3.7..

  22. buddy i have successfully installed 2.3.7.and it works great.. TY 4 that.
    The only problem is that the WIDGETS of the new applications installed from the google play are not available..
    plzz help me.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Hey, YouTube doesn’t work anymore! Am i the only one with this problem? What to do??? ๐Ÿ™ Imma shoot myself

  24. it is SEXY man!!!
    thanks for ur “well guided” steps!!
    loved it! ๐Ÿ™‚
    and ginger bread is on my phone now! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€

  25. I have gone successfully through phase one but the clockwork recovery screen just won’t boot up. What shall i do?

  26. now im using 2.2 (froyo). if i want to upgrade to 2.3.7..which phase i have to start with??what i understand is steps above are to upgrade from 2.1 to 2.3.7… should i start with phase 1 or skip to other phase?

  27. no root is required for this mod. the current operating system does matter. and if a phone is locked that doesnt effect the phone in any besides not allowing you to connect to a network besides the one the phone is locked to.

  28. Can you please explain to me. I have a locked Samsung GT-I5503T will the gingerbread update work on mine. Also do you need to root the phone first and do you take out the sim card?
    Thanks Nick

  29. thank you guys Iv never modded a phone for a first time it was scary byt in the end was super easy. the only thing that stopped was selecting one package you have the tick one package on the right. my crappy phone is much faster during boot and the visauls are much cooler thanks you for releasing this awsome guide will come back for more. now Im off the the xda developers site ๐Ÿ˜‰

  30. Dear admin,
    How to connect between PC and Mobile? I’ve been try it many times and it’s not working…
    Help please…

  31. in your settings, go to the cyanmod setting in that you can select the angles you want it to rotatable to.

    also in your Settings->Display->Click Auto Rotate

  32. at the time of processing, when i have to mount usb storage… my memory card is not showing in computer…. what shoud i do??? plz help

  33. what are the issues u faced in using 4.0 ics and why u want to downgrade tel me i want to know cuz was planning to upgrade to ics

  34. hi guys,,,and to ssk also..and to techvorm.
    from 2.1 eclair and to froyo 2.2…i upgrade my galaxy 5 better,,,and i want to share that i upgrade again my galaxy 5 to 4.0 ice cream sandwich,,,, i make it so easy…my galaxy 5 is running now in 4.0 ics,,,,
    but my problem is…where is my video recorder…?only camera is working……
    where is the radio?no radio at all…
    my music player is lagging,,,sometimes it stop automatically…
    thats all guys….everything wors fine…
    ssk,,bro does your gingerbread has a radio?

  35. hi bro….does the gingerbread has a radio?ive already upgraded my galaxy 5 to 4.0 ics,,,im plaqning to downgrade to 2.3?does the gingerbread has a radio function?

  36. hi guys,,,and to ssk also..and to mr arul…
    from 2.1 eclair and to froyo 2.2…i upgrade my galaxy 5 better,,,and i want to share that i upgrade again my galaxy 5 to 4.0 ice cream sandwich,,,,i done perfect and i make it..i follow the steps of mr arul..tenx man….my galaxy 5 is running now in 4.0 ics,,,,
    but my problem is…where is my video recorder…?only camera is working……
    where is the radio?no radio at all…
    my music player is lagging,,,sometimes it stop automatically…
    thats all guys….everything wors fine…

  37. paritosh do you know or have any idea, when Mad Team is releasing the final version of CM9 I am desparately waiting for it to use.

  38. Hi guys,

    First of all thanks to developers!!

    Now my question. I want to upgrade my Samsung GT-I5503 (bought in India, using in Germany) to Gingerbread.

    I have flashed my mobile for another Eclair (2.1-update1) to solve my APN problem in Germany.

    Kernal: 2.6.29-perf root@SE-S604 #1

    Baseband Version: I5503DXJG5

    Now, can some one please point me to the right ROMs for Froyo and then Gingerbread.

    Thank you very much in advance.

  39. Hi Dan

    We all are trying and appreciating the work developers have done, liking / disliking roms its our own choice but i can assure u that, it is faster and better than 2.2 in my view, if you go to upgrade then please do it with patience, guide is comprehensive just read every line and upgrade your froyo to gingerbread.

    It is easy but if you have any doubt that u may brick you phone then i wil suggest you do not do it.

  40. Hi guys,

    Well i have migrated successfully to 2.3.7.

    To those who have some problems, here are few steps:
    1. for constant loop problem: Well do not bother. Just install Froyo. Follow the steps for froyo and after the steps are complete for froyo, you do not need to check whether froyo is installed or not, just know for a fact that if steps were successfully, then you have froyo files.
    2. On it’s done immediately follow the steps given for the installation by Paritosh step by steps, and they will work.
    3. There will be some issues but they should be a problem like kies and others but that i do not think is a bigger one. Mostly everything works.

    If that did resolve your issues, please like my page http://www.facebook.com/siyahiKiKashish

    Paritosh, this is not a tech page. Its poetry, so shouldn’t be a problem for you ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. hi ssk….im dan
    do u have any much easier way to upgrade my galaxy 5….just like u bro i did it wel when i upgrde my galaxy 5 from 2.1 to 2.2,,i did it wel…but for now im not sure if i can make it to upgrade to 2,3…

  42. its not work man
    I tried 5 times but I did everything I could not turn up to Android and then goes out not to be the most do not know why

  43. My wifi will automatic off (although the setting is enabled) after standby for few minutes, how can i always on the wifi? or is it a bug that can be resolved?

  44. m confused..what should i do to the memory card..should i insert it to my phone..or do i need to use a card reader??? confused..help please

  45. Im confused..what should i do to the memory card..should i insert it to my phone..or do i need to use a card reader??? confused..help please

  46. I have one question to ask Paritosh, tell me why i5503’s battery drains too quick on standby it works 14 to 16 hours just. Do u have any suggestion to increase the usage of battery and if i use mobile network (edge) it drains in 2 to 3 hours why

  47. whne i select reeboot now …..the phone strts n shows samsung and android n den black screen and continuously its showing dis …w to to do plz help ,e plzzzz

  48. CyanogenMod 9 for Samsung Galaxy 5 I5503/I5500 is still in alpha phase with a lot of issues. I did flash my device with CM9 but unfortunately there were a whole lot of issues to be used as daily driver.

  49. I successfully made my Samsung Galaxy 5 (GTI-5503T) variant to work with this and now it using Gingerbread now. It works as it should.

  50. now facing a problem too when i open google play (market) it doesnt open and says application ggogle play store stoped unexpectedly sort of now what to do i have reinstalled google app package still the same and the same hapening with bluetooth stopped unexpectedly

  51. One thing just I am facing is whenever i try to receive any file from bluetooth it fails, my G5 is pairing but not receiving files, any suggestion.

  52. Hurray thanx man thanx for this step by step installation guide everything working fine and now my froyo 2.2 is now 2.3 gingerbread. and people who are facing problems let me tell u guyz really for upgradation u just need patience read every step many times and complete one step then jump to 2nd do not do hurry that may lead u to face problems.

    Excellent rom and excellent guide.

  53. hey terry
    i got my problem solved ,you need to first upgrade from android 2.1 to froyo once done with that then the 2.3 version will easily install ……

  54. Had the very same issue. Keeps looping between logo and Android flashing on the screen. Install 2.2 first then install gingerbread.

  55. hi paritosh
    got a quick question, i followed the steps in right manner but after installing the custom rom the phone goes in to a constant loop of samsung logo followed by android written on screen, any help on this ?

  56. when i click on start after selecting ops file and other files it starts to download but after few seconds halts on this msg cannot open the usb serial port code 5. AN idea?..plz be quick to suggest

  57. hi paritsh… radio and bluetooth prblm is still there….. plzz help…. others r fine..

  58. Bro its taking a lot of time on downloading from odin and its not downloading it after a lot of time either plzzzz help

  59. Hey Paritosh.. Thanks but After upgrading to 2.3 Wi-Fi is not working ๐Ÿ™
    Please Help


  60. Hi, On google i found some new ROMs for Samsung Galaxy GT-i5503/i5500,
    I request TechVorm that plz tell us as early as possible the process to update Samsung Galaxy GT-i5503/i5500 to android 4.0.3(ics)

  61. hi paritosh…. after upgrading my phone to 2.3 …….. bluetooth is nt working… plzz suggest soon

  62. is bluetooth working in ur mobile after upgradation??? plzz notify me… mine is nt working…

  63. all the features working well xcept the radio.. thnx 4 dat ๐Ÿ™‚ .bt bluetooth automatically activated whenever i swtich on radio button….and then,only a noisy sound is there..plzz rectify the prblm…

  64. hello paritosh i m upgrade my phone to 2.3.7 and its work well thanx alot for your guaidens,
    1. in android 2.2 when i open camera night mode option is visible but in this mod night mod option is not there.
    2. when i enter in app lication i press back button in android 2.2 when i press back button previous page show but in this mod when i press back button direct desktop show.
    3. when i open radio blutooth is automaticaly on .
    i think this problems is occur by cyanogenmod please tell me official version i mean android 2.3 official version without any modification and without any bugs.
    thanx in advance and sory for my bad english ๐Ÿ˜€

  65. HI PARITOSH….. i have followed your instruction earlier to upgrade my galaxy 5 mobile from 2.1 to 2.2 . no problem till now.. working flawlessly…. thank u very much bro…this time i want to upgrade from 2.2 to 2.3….is there any type of function dat will not work after upgradation??? plz notify me….

  66. i have 2.2 froyo in my galaxy 5 set right now… i want to udate it to gingerbred….. can anyone tell me plz…all the features like internet,wifi,bluetooth etc are working or not after upgradation???

  67. do you mean the data settings or network in general if its just the data then you need to manually install the apn settings by going into settings – wirless and networks- mobile network settings – access point names then see if your network settings are there if not your gonna have to manually install them what network are you on

  68. thx alot i did try this originally but i didnt clear user data or cashe and it just kept crashing i have restored it now thanks again ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. Hi Guys……………………

    I think you all should also give a try to CM9 i.e ICS For galaxy 5.
    the rom is awesome and works great for me. But as that is still in early development stages some features might now work but almost everything is working fine for me and its recommended to have a backup phone

    And for those who are interested, you just need to download CM9 rom and replced it with โ€œupdate-cm-7.1.0-RC1-MADTEAM-v1.6-signed.zipโ€ in this tutorial. If you want the link, just comment…………… ๐Ÿ™‚ B). See ya…..!!!

  70. i can’t see any google app installed but i’ve already installed like 3 or 4 times. i can’t even access the internet too.

  71. thanx buddy..
    nd plz tell me my phone is GT I5503 and if i continue with the link u posted for me is appropriate for my phone model or not..
    nd thanx once more.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  72. i can’t install 2.2 pls help me
    when i finish install 2.2 it show only samsung logo it is not continue to normal page
    what i will doing pls help me

  73. hey buddy the download link for .rar files is not working plz can send a new link in my email id or can u please post a new link here.
    Plzzzzzzzzzz buddy help me, i need to upg=rade my firmware as soon as i can….

  74. I installed it and have gingerbread now, But when I installed the Google Apps – no apps showed, not even android market. Also, it seems the Mobile internet and wifi are not working…did I do something wrong? Is there a way to fix this?

  75. Awesome !! It worked !! I has Eclair 2.1 and tried to jump directly to Gingerbread 2.3.7 but my phone got a loop on the logo screen. So I installed froyo 2.2.2 first and afterwards did the 2.3.7 upgrade.

    Thank you so much dude, Regards.

  76. hey i cannot exit downloading mode in my galaxy 5 and i have pressed the back button several times too so what should i do now mail me.please tell me as earlier as possible .

  77. Cool ๐Ÿ™‚ updated from 2.1 (eclair) to 2.3.7 now. Looks awesome. Wasn’t able to do a direct upgrade though. I had to update it to froyo first and then to gingerbread.
    Now im running GooManager app from google play. Now i can update to every new version that is released by MADTEAM.

    Your tutorial helped a lot. Thank u paritosh ๐Ÿ™‚

  78. Plz can u Tell me how to solve the bootloop problem after installing the update and rebooting???

  79. Hello.

    I have a samsung galaxy gio.
    during the upgrade with odin took more than a 15min then I disconnected cable.
    and now wont my mobile turn or boot!
    what can i do??
    please help me!!

  80. U can try restoring ur phone to 2.2. and when ur phone starts repeat the process but before that do a factory reset by typing *#*#7780#*#*…………………….

    Hope this will solve ur problem…………… worked for me once

  81. i successfully download the file.
    but my problem now is after i install the CM7, i select Reboot system now, it just show the samsung logo and android logo… PLS, anyone, need help….

  82. after 2 days of searching of the “needed” files & trying to install twice (thanks for the instructions!), my old-model galaxy 5 is now in android gingerbread 2.3.7. *yey!*

  83. I have now used this guide to put cyanogen mod 7 on an australian telstra galaxy 5 GT-I5503T and it worked great. I had used titanium backup to back up my apps so I just restored the google vending apk and it gave me google play back, unfortunately my telstra foxtel wont work anymore as I am not sure which backed up files I need to restore to make it work (foxtel app wont work by itself and I am loathe to reinstall all of the telstra bloatware).It removes the telstra bloat very well, but if you want radio, gps or wifi tether you need to install an app for it. I have installed tune in radio, samsung navigator and wireless tether- all free from google play and all seem to work well. My phone that was sim locked to telstra now appears unlocked as I can put an optus sim in without any simlock message. I just wish my kid was not so upset about the foxtel not working, if I could get that working it would be absolutely perfect for me. Three cheers for Paritosh!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  84. There are active links added further down the page. At least they were active 2 days ago when I used them.

  85. ODIN Multi Downloader, EUROPA, ClockWork Mod For Galaxy 5, Google Apps and Custom ROM from MADTeam โ€“ Download Here โ€“

    This download link is dead >

    1.1 509 Bandwidth Error

    Please active this link .

  86. I am having trouble with receiving incoming calls. The call automatically gets disconnected after 1 ring. What should I do? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

  87. arter upgrading my galaxy 5 i5503 to android 2.3.7 i m not able to turn on mobile after samsuung logo……pls tell me what to do plsssss

  88. all went well but can not receive incoming calls, always in the switch or the number is always busy
    please solution….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Thanks a lot PT, everything is working fine even with the wifi which people are complaining about.But have some questions leveled below.
    1. Why do the radio have to automatically switch the bluetooth on before it can work.
    2. in the contacts column i think the search bar must e at the topmost part of the contact ui as compared to froyo 2.2. Doesn’t need to click a button before it appears.
    But aside all,again thank u for the brief instructions………its working

  90. after instaling 2.2 i installed 2.3 and wow itss amazing thanks to all……..love u friends

  91. hey dude my mobile is shoing samsung logo and android not going further plese help as early as possible…………………..plz

  92. Dude I am not able to download the ROM from the above link. I think the link is not working pls help..

  93. hey Paritosh also add the giude for partition of sd card as it is req. to run cynogenmod much faster and more smoother otherwise it lags .

  94. download google apps – copy it on sd card – now go in to recovery mode – install zip from sd card – do all type of data wipe – restart the device . btw u can also v2.3 of cynognemod its better than v2.2

  95. thnx dude after spending long time….i m able update it to 2.3.7 but plz tell me how to get google play

  96. i experienced the same problem with getting stuck with the samsung logo and android logo, when i try odin again its saying that — cannot open the usb serial port. code: 5. can anyone help me, please?

  97. if any 1 having problems going from 2.1 eclair to 2.3.7 Gingerbread like i did.this is what i ended up doing tyred instaling 2.3 gingerbread 5 times didnt work was going to give up then thought well ill try 2.2 froyo it installed but neva got to the menu just past the samsung flash startup screen so i went back and tryed 2.3 gingerbread again & Yay It worked.goes good aswell love it .so i suggest any1having problems do 2.2 froyo frist then 2.3 gingerbread this was on I5503

  98. works flawless… buttery smooth…..just that most of the files from the google zip do not install. perhaps a compatibility issue. but i managed to get the essentials like gmail,talk and a few other. Map and Navigations do not install. i even tried installing them individually but apps dont show up in the file manager. any solution? btw, i partitioned my sd using CWM. i can see that the sd has lost its storage mem to the partition but the partition does not show up as a storage drive. is it hidden or something? neither the internal storage shows an increment with the addtional memory.. where has the memory gone??????

  99. Hey All ,
    I am getting the problem: After following all steps phone shows samsungmobile.com and then android logo and nothing else is coming.
    Please let me know how to rectify it.

  100. The Custom Gingerbread ROM links don’t work, both on the main post and update. Please post another working link. Thanks!

  101. thank you sir great job but dont have a android market apps ? how to install android market sorry for bad english.

  102. Hi there i have installed this rom with your guidance and its working perfectly except the wifi which is weak , is there any updates that is been released after this rom is released . Please reply .


  103. after update my mobile was working fine. But later i get lots of force closes in every app so i switched off mobile and when i tried to on it again, it got stuck at cynogen mod icon and dosen’ t start. I waited long but it was restarting again and again. Please help me what should i do. Please comment fast.

  104. There could be many reasons, processor, high graphic requirements, general compatibility. Try to shut down the apps running in background and see if the gameplay gets any better.

  105. I am sorry, I should have mentioned about backing up the applications in guide. But doing so wouldn’t have made the difference since restoring them wouldn’t have worked either. And reverting back to Froyo will not re-install your apps.

  106. sometimes we cant install anything through market…it works fine when i reboot my phone…did u take any back up of apps when u were in 2.2??

  107. Thank You, sir. Great job:-)
    Everything works fine, but now with the new version I can’t download and install anymore apps from Android Market. I can’t also download back the old apps I used to have ’em on 2.2 ๐Ÿ™
    Any help, please!
    Or should I go back to 2.2 Froyo?

  108. hi, i think the biggest problem is the size of the lock screen is big,
    i mean where u can drag the lock botton for unlocking or silent botton, do u have any idea for that, thank you for everything

  109. Yes.. I follow it. I found an amazing game named ‘earth and legend’ in market… It works little slow… Do you have any idea.? Or it’s because our processor?

  110. Hi Paritosh,

    1st of all gotta thnk u for uploading this beautiful update to android 2.1…it works very beautifully in my cell..smooth and i can move my apps to SD card.

    Now the pt is i get wifii issues more often like some guys mentioned below,,ie it gets disconnected more often and doesnot connect also no matter the distance frm the router..

    So please help me out…:)

  111. Everything works fine… accept as you told before little problem with Bluetooth & wifi works fine…
    but my problem is …. CALL
    Dialing is very slow sometimes and call functions like recieve & hang the call is not working good…

    I think its worth nothing to hold a mobile phone when we cant even call speedly … so i request you to give me a solution… (sorry for my bad English ;D)

    hope u do something on this…

    thanks in advance…

  112. True. But this being a custom ROM, I can’t be specific. And that’s why market is the best place to look for. Go through the games section, see which game has maximum rating, google for its (you know what) and install it!

  113. It won’t connect with KIES, consider that as a drawback. You can upload the address book on gmail and sync with your device. It’s the easiest way out!

  114. I am using dropbox. Unfortunately, the file transfer has exceeded the allowed limit. I have uploaded the same file on rapidshare, the link has been added at the end of the article.

    And everyone deserves to be treated equally! I had no intention of “shutting down” the link. It just happened. Though I am happy that it did, shows readers liked this guide!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  115. if only one of the ones who downloaded the files could upload them again… please, we deserve some good too. btw, you could use dropbox too

  116. I have installed 2.3.7 on my Samsung GT-I5503, as suggested by you. But after installation I am not able to use KIES on my mobile phone. While I run KIES on my computer and connect my phone to it, the computer shows that I have not connected my phone in KIES mode and asks me to connect again. Please help as I have my phone book on my computer and my phone book on phone has been wiped off. Kindly help or URGENT BASIS. Thanks and regards.

  117. Just wanted to update…. The wifi is working fine now… after a day… on its own.. and has not given any trouble… the OS occupies very little space and even after installing most of my fav apps, I have around 95 mb free, as compared to 35 mb earlier!! the speed is incredible and I am loving it!! thanks a ton!!

  118. Thanks for the awesome and extremely detailed guide!!! Everything is working fine except for the WiFi.

    Can you please help me fix the wifi. It gets connected for a few seconds and then disconnects. I tried switching off the phone and the router and using multiple wifi hotspots, but its the same problem! Please help!!

  119. help me guys when i click the download link of the pack it shows me this, This account’s public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!

  120. WOW!!!!!! I DONT KNOW HOW TO THANK YOU!!!! Thank you so much. I installed perfectly after 4 tries. Amazing new experience!! no issues yet. can you tell me a game which is best,perfect for our mobile after update?

  121. Yes, you’ll be able to run 2.2 apps in it. As a matter of fact the market will itself download the appropriate version for your device ๐Ÿ™‚ App2SD should work though I cannot for sure say that it will.

  122. Successfully Installed gingerbread … very nice ..

    but the problem is
    1. its not connecting to Kies
    2. Cant import Contacts from SD card (its Loaaaaaaaaading.. )

    how get ride of these problems…?

  123. Please reply. Would i be able to use and run 2.2 and 2.3 apps after it. And a big question. Can i use App2sd after this update. Or you know any trick or something to solve problem of low memory in galaxy 5 gt i5503?? Please reply.

  124. i hv updated to 2.3 frm 2.1 bt it doesnt shows home screen as per instruction prescribed in update guide it only shows samsungmobile and android simentanously nd mah cel nw becums a dumy only… Plz suggest sumthng to get ridoff frm this prob plz help asap as u cn understand a person widout cel is like widout senses thnx….

  125. Try the settings menu and look for volume control. Tinker around and see if you find your way out. I’ll have to re-flash my phone to see a possible solution.

  126. I had the same problem.. and after trying froyo, i was able to install GB..
    But as i mentioned in my prev comment, i am facing audio pblm.. like the in-call volume is too high and also the sound quality is less.. Any one else facing the same pblm?

  127. after trying 8x the above procedure, alas I have successfully installed gingerbread on my samsung gt i5503. I was so desperated at my 7th try coz i keep on getting the same error (blinks displaying samsung and android) and finally decided to install froyo. at first I thought I did it right but then after displaying the home screen the phone keeps on restarting. and then decided to try again the above procedure and wholla, I’m now using gingerbread with no problem except the gapps was not included in the package so i search in google and found one on a thread in symbianize.com so there, if your facing same problem with mine then try to install froyo first then gingerbread.

  128. Hi,
    After gingerbread install, my in-call volume has gone up too much. The volume is unbearable even in the smallest level.. anyone else facing? Please help me..

  129. Hi,
    After all mentioned steps , my phone is not going into the home screen.
    IT is showing samsung logo and android.. but nothing else…
    please help me..

  130. I am facing similar issue. My phone blinks with displaying android and Samsung mobile.. Not able to boot it and I have not taken the backup as well.. What should I do now ?

    Any help will be really appreciated. thanks

  131. I am facing the same issue.. any help will be appreciated.
    If not atleast let me know how to revert back the installation. Thanks

    I was using Android 2.1 on I5503

  132. Thank You very much. I have installed Android 2.3.7 on my Samsung Galaxy I5503 successfully. But now I am not able to connect through Kies on Windows 7 64 bit. Some drivers are missing.

  133. i also experience the same prob. i followed the steps carefully but still when i successfully installed update-cm-7.1.0-RC1-MADTEAM-v1.6-signed.zip and reboot it it wont start the home screen instead error problem same as above.
    please help

  134. Eh. You shouldn’t have done so. Try to follow the above procedure again and this time make sure not to disconnect/restart your device unless until told to do so.

  135. When I try to hard reset my galaxy 5 it is saying ” No reset performed because system clear service is not available”
    and i cant reset my galaxy 5 ..
    is it occured because of disconnecting my device when my backup was not done ..?

    ( I disconnected my device when backup was not done)

    how can i reset my galaxy 5 now..? ๐Ÿ™

  136. There can be different ways to install custom ROM on your phone. The procedure given above is what I followed and installed Gingerbread. If you are comfortable with the one given in the video then I’ll say follow that instead ๐Ÿ™‚

  137. I saw a video on Youtube … explaining how to install gingerbread
    there they said that we should install 3 zip files to update our old OS
    1&2 are same as ours.. 3rd is hotfix.zip..?

    here is the link…
    [Link removed]
    [Link removed]
    @ 3.20 mins


  138. Works perfectly! Thank you very much for this comprehensive and accurate guide. It couldn’t have been written better.

  139. 1. It “should” support Samsung Kies after the update, it’s just that KIES will show a different model but it’s functionality won’t be affected.
    2. There is some issue with Wifi connectivity but the Bluetooth works fine.
    3. Yes, you’ll be able to revert back to version 2.1 (you won’t though, this one’s lot better!).
    4. Hot fix? I didn’t get you. Sorry ๐Ÿ™

  140. will it support Samsung KIES after update..?
    will it connect to wifi & Bluetooth after update..?
    can i revert back to previous version (2.1) ..?
    Should I install hot fix also.? but here is no tutorial how to install it..?
    pls help me to do this update… i like gingerbread very well..

    …. thanks …

  141. guys i hav got one issue aftr successfully installing as per the above mentioned guide
    I’m unable to host a conference call
    when i press merge call it says “UNABLE TO CONFERENCE CALLS”
    plz help me
    no other issues with it
    one of the best custom rom out there!!

  142. after reboot screen is showing android and then samsung mobile and this process remain for many time now what should i do

  143. Internet settings for Samsung fit(idea)

    Navigate to Menu- Settings- Wireless and networks- Mobile networks

    Now select ‘Access point names’

    Now the internet settings for IDEA(Kerala) is:
    Note: Giving the proxy address(even if it is correct) will not work in the case of Samsung Fit
    The provided informations are found very accurate in Kerala circle. Others(Bangalore, Chennai etc) may also check this

    Name: Idea_internet

    APN: internet

    Proxy: Not set

    Username: Not set

    Password: Not set

    Server : Not set

    MMSC : Not set

    MMS proxy : Not set

    MMS port : Not set

    MCC : 404

    MNC : 19

    Authentication type : None

    APN type : internet

    Navigate to Menu- Settings- Wireless and networks- Mobile networks
    Check(tick) the box ‘Use packet data’

    Note: Wait for an ‘E’ symbol to appear on the top of the screen
    Now close the browser(if it is opened already) and open it again

  144. were you able to get the CMR working on the phone? make sure you get it working and do the factory reset process after then just continue with the rest in phase III.. again make sure you get the CMR on your phone.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  145. The above method ain’t working on galaxy gt-i5503…
    the mobile is not rebooting after update. It’s showing a start up display as GT-I5500l and from there on its’s hanging up at the samsung logo…… kindly help me out……….!!!!!!!!!
    I’m awaiting your response……

  146. You are the absolute best man..!!!! My phone works like a charm now..much better than it ever did thanks to you ๐Ÿ™‚ I have modified my phone so much in the past few hours..no more words to say.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  147. The process works just fine. I was able to flash 3 Galaxy 5 using the steps given above. Please mention the exact step where you are getting error.

    If you are here to rant about the guide not working then I won’t be able to help you.

  148. well i kinda wanted to use your Google Apps.zip file since my market app is gone.. however when i tried to download via the link you posted http://db.tt/8vQsLj7Y it does not seem to work.. any suggestion to get the market app back on my galaxy 5? if not then kindly upload the whole thing else where and i’ll try to install it on my phone.. perhaps it might bring the market app back on my phone.. thanks.. i’ll be waiting for your response


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