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Internet Security Essentials (Part 2 of 2)

In the previous post of “Internet Security Essentials“, i covered primarily 2 things a good security software must have i.e

  • A good built in Anti-virus software &
  • Good Anti-Spyware

If you haven’t yet read the earlier post then do so, by visiting the link below

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Coming back to this article, i am going to cover the other essential tools a security software must have in order to provide full safety from outside attacks.


The other 2 important things that must be built right into the security software are :

E-mail Security

Well an Internet security software is not just about antivirus and anti-spyware its also about a decent E-mail encryption facility ,so that the next time whenever you open up your mails you don’t have to care about the information getting leaked because a small bit of information if leaked may pose a threat to you.  So a good software should always have a in-built spam-filtering application to check for scams and to protect the user from spammers.


A good Firewall is also an indispensable part of an internet security software since it restricts unauthorized access to your system hence protecting it from hackers and spammers. The work of a firewall is to monitor the traffic on a system and to detect unauthorized connections based on a set of rules. So that if an unwanted software want to connect to its database and leak the information then that firewall will notify you about the activity or even stop it by itself.

24×7 Support

Apart from this, a good antivirus software should always have 24×7 online support in case if the user is hacked or his data is being damaged by some virus.

P.S :- These are strictly my view points and it would be enlightening for us if our readers could share some more good features not in this list.



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