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Make Your Windows Run Faster By Cleaning Prefetch Files

After using windows over a long period of time can result in a slow performance and frequent crashes. In this post i am going to share a simple process to increase the performance of Windows Xp, by deleting unused Prefetch files.

Before stating the steps, i would like you to know what Prefetch files are.

Prefetch files are used to monitor and adapt the usage pattern of files and applications over period of time and to load the majority of the files and data needed into memory so that they can be accessed directly and very quickly when needed instead of searching them from the hard disk making it slower due to seek and spin time of the hard disk.

Windows Prefetch

You can safely delete the prefetch files without any risk. Windows manages them automatically by dropping out entries that are old or unused. In order to clean up the Prefetch files, follow the steps mentioned below :-

  1. Open “Run” from Start Menu.
  2. Input this code in the command box — Y: / WINDOWS / Prefetch (Where Y is the drive in which you have installed Windows Xp, generally it’s C drive)
  3. Hit Enter ( On your keyboard… Lol… ).
  4. A new window will appear.
  5. Delete all files from that folder ( in the window ).
  6. Restart you computer.

Thats It ! You are done. Please note that you might experience some slow performance on the first start because Windows has to re-copy all the page files you “cleaned out”, however after that things will be much faster.

UPDATE : For some weird reason wordpress deleted “/” while publishing the post. I have now rectified the error. The command is working perfectly fine now.


  1. Sir
    I recently bought new Dell Inspiron N5520 core i7 8gb ram 1gb
    internal(Intel) and 1gb external(AMD) graphics card , 1 TB HDD

    I have 2 MAIN ISSUES

    With this specs my my system is slow??
    I’ve installed oracle Xe Database , and other oracle application development framework software’s and Jdevelopr 11 g..

    1>> please tell me when i had not use these software , why my computer is still slow???

    2>> I’ve been facing problem , when I do hibernate , my system
    go dark and it seems that its processing to hibernate but it takes 30
    min or more in processing after it my system shows the welcome screen of
    login with bigger fonts like before installing graphic drivers.

    when this situation first time appeared , I had do login immediately
    and surprised that its SAFE MODE , and after login I got AMD Driver
    Crash report

    I tried many times but problem doesn’t fiX

    So I cant unable to HIBERNATE , and I used to save my work via
    hibernate so after that incident I have been very less productive …
    please help me in this regards
    I also tried and Clear my C:Windowsprefech
    but system is still slow and hibernate issue is still there

  2. try to change Y:/Windows/Prefetch to ———> C:\Windows\Prefetch
    and delete all the files. It works for me .. im a XP user đŸ˜€


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