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iPhone 5S & 5C To Be Available In India Under Contract Scheme


Apple’s latest smartphones – iPhone 5S and 5C would be available in India from today onwards. These new iPhones are being made available jsut two days before Diwali. We give below their prices :

iPhone 5c (16 GB) Rs 41,900

iPhone 5c (32 GB) Rs 53,500

iPhone 5s (16 GB) Rs 53,500

iPhone 5s (32 GB) Rs 62,500

iPhone 5s (64 GB) Rs 71,500

For details about their features, please read http://www.techvorm.com/iphone-5s-5c-coming-india-1st-november/

The interesting fact is that these devices would be available for the first time under contract scheme in India, to be paid in 24 instalments spread over a preiod of 24 months. This type of sale is quite common in US and European countries and we had raised this question at many press conferences that why premium  smartphones are not sold under contract scheme, but did not get convincing replies from any supplier.As reported by TOI, Relaince Communications (RCom) would be selling these devices under contract scheme to be paid in 24 monthly payments. For the 5C(16GB), you would be required to pay Rs. 2500 per month and for 5S(16GB), you would have to shell out Rs. 2850 per month. No down payment is required for the 16GB variants. This payment comes bundled with free unlimited calls and SMSes ( local and STD across network0, aaprt from zero cost for 3G data usuage. There would be no charge on national roaming.

However, for the higher 32 GB and 64GB variants of 5S and 5C, the users would have to pay upfront Rs. 10,500 for 32GB and Rs. 18,500 for 64 GB of 5S, respectively, plus the above monthly payments. The contract scheme would be sold against credit cards of HDFC and ICICI banks and the detailed scheme would be announced today at the time of official release of these two devices.

Commenting on this scheme, Gurdeep Singh, President & CEO-Wireless Business, Reliance Communications said, “Apple is an aspirational phone. We are trying to make it more affordable.” “We are looking forward to an overwhelming response,” Singh said. “We are working consistently to push data services agenda,” he added.

There is no word so far from any other service providers like Vodafone and Airtel whether they would also be selling new iPhones under the contract. If the RCom model becomes successful in India, then we can expect that many more smartphone companies would be delighted to sell their premium smartphones with this module, which will help them to move more boxes as the majority of the buyers are unable to shell out the huge amount in one go.



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