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iPhone 6s Is The Most Desired Gift In India – UC Browser Analysis

UC Browser claims to have received a whopping response to its Diwali Wishes campaign on its browser and social media channels. Nearly 1.5 million wishes have been made on UC Browser by users across the country under the #WishWithUC campaign, offering a peek into the national sentiment. UC Browser worked with Yuvraj Singh and launched rounds of wish collection as part of the “#HarGharUCDiwali” campaign across Facebook, Twitter and UC Browser to reward creative wish makers and lucky users, as stated by the company in its press release.



The newly launched iPhone 6s is the most sought after device in India as per the finding of UC Browser because the dominating wish for a new iPhone 6s accounts for the most, followed by the wishes for wealth and happiness to the family. UC Browser users are also fans of Yuvraj Singh and wish for Fraternity among people of all religions.

Nearly 30% of the total wishes involving Yuvraj indicated that many UC Browser users are fans of Yuvraj and they would rather meet their favourite cricket star to make their Diwali special this year. Some participants did spread the idea that Diwali is about togetherness. People of different races and religions around the globe are welcomed to enjoy the festivities during Diwali, as sweetness shall be shared with an open mind. Many participants also showed concern about the environment and safety issues caused by firecrackers in their Diwali wishes. Those who call for a pollution-free Diwali usually also suggest helping the needy with the money saved from the expense of crackers.



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