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KeyPoint Technologies Adaptxt Predictive Keyboard To Debut on iOS 8

At yesterday’ s WWDC 2014, Apple has introduced iOS 8, its latest operating system that will now support third-party keyboards including virtual keyboards popular with Android users. New predictive typing for Apple’s QuickType keyboard is smarter and more personalized. QuickType understands the way you communicate, suggesting favorite phrases, so you can write entire sentences with just a few taps. The announcement’ has taken the market by storm and keyboard players are looking forward to lure their consumers with latest updates for iOS based devices.

New Logo of KPTThe move is no less than a reward for keyboard developer community as they were hoping for this update for years. In addition, it is possible through Apple’s new extension support that keyboard app players will be engaged in developing more intuitive and accurate keyboard. KeyPoint Technologies a world leader in user interface technology, which has its popular keyboard app Adaptxt, looks forward to develop updated keyboard technology, designed for iOS 8 platform which in result will provide an enriched way of typing to the users.

Commenting on this announcement, Mr. Sumit Goswami, CEO of KeyPoint Technologies said, “We applaud Apple on iOS 8 and its decision to open up to third parties for an enriched experience. We have been working for some time on an iOS keyboard app. We are excited that Apple’s iOS 8 will support keyboards like ours in the fall when it debuts. We have been putting a lot into development to fine tune our context-aware typing that identifies the location of the user and what application they are running to provide more accurate and contextual word predictions. We also plan to soon unveil specialized dictionaries for law, health, telecom and other professionals that give our next-word prediction even that much more accuracy. Ultimately, we are aiming for effortless communication for iOS users.”


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