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Kobo’s Reading Life App Now Integrates With Facebook Timeline

Kobo, a global leader in eReading with over 7 million users in over 170 countries worldwide, today announced the integration of Reading Life on the Kobo iOS eReading app with Facebook Timeline; elevating the traditionally solitary pastime of reading into a more dynamic activity to be shared with friends online.

Kobo is proud to be one of a select few kicking off the launch of apps for Facebook Timeline; apps that allow users to bring their timelines to life through sharing what they’re doing, music they are listening to, books they are reading, and more.

Starting today, people on Facebook can download the Kobo iOS app, and add Kobo Reading Life to their timeline.  With Kobo Reading Life they can share their latest eBook activity with friends, from showing off their current read to staying atop of the hottest eBooks. Building upon the free downloadable Reading Life app launched in 2010, this new Reading Life feature for timeline adds a new dimension in Kobo’s commitment to making reading a more engaging social experience.

The new app allows people to post every aspect of their reading experience: from reviewing and recommending eBooks, to sharing passages and keeping tabs on what friends are reading. People can also earn fun badges for hundreds of reading activities, like the Papillion (for extreme social sharers), the Twain (for daily readers), and the Witching Hour (for readers who read into the wee hours of the night).

The Reading Life app for Facebook Timeline builds on Kobo’s ‘Read Freely’ philosophy, which seeks to provide the ultimate reading experience any time, any place by giving consumers the freedom to read any book on any device – and to be able to get more from their reading experience.

The Reading Life application is available for the Kobo iPhone and iPad App and will soon be available on other Kobo platforms.


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