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Lectrix EV Celebrates the 77th Indian Independence Day in Unique Way

Lectrix EV, the e-mobility arm of SAR Group, has celebratred India Independence Day with a unique way. On this occasion, Lectrix EV ran a social media campaign: ‘77 Posts of Pride’. To experience India’s journey through the last 77 years, just watch their campaign of Lextrix EV on Instagram.

With an engaging campaign that not only celebrated the 77 years of independence but also this 77th year of hope, Lectrix EV invited the nation to embark on a captivating journey through time, growth and innovation of India’s independence years. Commencing on 14th August, the campaign featured a series of 77 evocative stories capturing India’s pivotal milestones since gaining independence in 1947.

As each post unfolded, the audience went through a roller coaster emotional ride that encapsulated India’s triumphs, challenges, and progress across various domains including politics, technology, culture, and more. Each story was accompanied by insightful descriptions, offering a window into the significance of each milestone.

However, the journey didn’t end there. On the 77th post, the campaign took an exciting turn. The 77th post bore the potent tagline, “How far would you go to celebrate the 77th Independence Day, we are going back 77 years?” This resonant question encapsulated the essence of Lectrix EV’s mission – pushing boundaries, embracing innovation, and propelling individuals towards a sustainable and enlightened future.

Speaking about this campaign, MD & CEO, Mr. K. Vijaya Kumar of Lectrix EV said, “With this campaign Lectrix EV celebrated India’s achievements. We wanted to not only acknowledge the past but also embrace the present, and inspire a future filled with promise and possibilities. It was a journey that filled everyone’s heart with pride and a promise for tomorrow!”


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