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Lenovo Smart Clock and Smart Display with Google Assistant Launched For Rs. 5,999 & 14,999

For smart home solutions, Lenovo has launched today Lenovo Smart Clock and Smart Display with Google Assistant. Lenovo Smart Clock is not just a digital clock but much more. It is purpose-made for the bedroom, helping users unwind in the evening, kick start the day, control the smart home and listen to their favorite music with multi-room audio grouping.

Lenovo Smart Clock comes with voice and touch control. It has 4 inch IPS touch screen and is compact in size with a full fabric soft-touch cover.

The Lenovo Smart Clock is optimized to help users develop healthy sleep habits. The Google Assistant makes it easier to set up sleep routines, such as dimming the lights and displaying the first calendar event with just a single command, such as “Ok Google, Good Night”. The screen display can be used to display information like time & alarms, upcoming meetings, calendar events, weather information, Album information when playing music. The full-range 6W speaker can fill up a large bedroom with the choice of music, audiobooks, podcasts and radio. Users can even ask Google Assistant to play some relaxing music or guided meditation track of their choice. The Lenovo Smart Clock also works with Chromecast, so you can stream shows and music on your TV or speakers with just your voice.

When you’re not using this Smart Clock, the screen can be turned into a digital photo album, displaying pictures from your Google Photos account or featured photos provided by Google. It has an optional setting for continued conversation that lets you have a natural back-and-forth conversation with the Google Assistant (starting in English). After you initially trigger the Google Assistant with a request, the Google Assistant will stay active for long enough to respond to follow up questions so you don’t have to say “Ok Google” as often. The Lenovo Smart Clock also works with most cameras that work with the Google Assistant, so you can always see on the device who is outside your front door when your hands are full.

Lenovo Smart Display also comes with Google Assistant with 10 inch touchscreen display with a minimalist, modern design. The Smart Display makes multi-tasking a breeze, bringing you step-by-step recipe instructions, helpful answers powered by Google Search and YouTube, and a single hub to control your smart home devices.

Available in natural bamboo, this Smart Display matches most wooden, glass or granite designs. While using the screen for video calls on Google Duo, users can conveniently position the Smart Display horizontally or vertically. When not in use, the Smart Display doubles as a digital picture frame – showcasing pictures from a personally selected album in your Google Photos, or images curated by Google.

Both the Lenovo Smart Clock and Smart Display can be used for different tasks to control your smart homes. For instance when they wake up to automatically turn on the coffee maker in the kitchen or heater in the living room. Or check the front door security camera and the kids’ room from the bed. The Lenovo Smart Clock connects seamlessly with every smart device in your home, supporting over 10,000 products and 1,000 partners and brands.

The Smart Clock starts from INR 5,999 and Smart Display starts at INR 14,999. Both devices will be available at Lenovo.com, Flipkart, Croma, Reliance Digital & Lenovo stores from early September 2019. Customers can register for ‘Notify-me’ on Flipkart, starting August 28th 2019.


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