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Letv Superphones Rumoured To Be Undergoing Testing In India; Launch Imminent In January

Of late, we have been receiving lot of mails from gmail accounts about activities of Chinese company Letv, which has already announced its intention to enter India with its smartphones. Today, we have received mail which state that Letv is testing its ‘Superphones’ at multiple locations in India before its official launch in India in January 2016. Probably, this is the unique method adopted by the company to create buzz in the Indian market.



We reproduce below some of the interesting  portion of the mail :

”The company (Letv) is reportedly keen to customize its devices to suit the Indian users and has been testing its devices on user experience and several other parameters”

Letv’s Superphones are said to be developed with state-of-the-art materials and innovative new features that are all supported by Letv’s unique content interface and ecosystem. The Superphones being tested are rumored to have a Snapdragon 810 processor, along with 4GB RAM and 64 GB/ 128GB of internal storage, 21 MP rear Camera with 4 MP(ultrapixels) front camera, perfect for selfies. It is also reported that the phones have a 6.33 screen size with 2560*1440 pixels resolution, and 3400mAh battery, finger print sensor, dual LED flash, hi-fi sound system, wide angle selfie, world’s first USB type C.

Letv the internet conglomerate has been in the news lately for its decision to enter the Indian market and reportedly making steady progress on all fronts. Earlier it had launched its official e- commerce platform Lemall.com, a significant move in its India entry strategy.

Letv’s will reportedly adopt its disruptive price model here in India too, along with the bundled content services which are certain to make Letv a game changer in the Indian market. So, consumers can certainly look forward to an exciting 2016!”

If this report of the mail is to be believed and the company is really bringing the phone with above configuration at the disruptive prices then certainly, it will be a game changer device provided it runs on the latest Android OS without any bloatwares which has been the bane of many Chinese smartphones. The other significant point for achieving success in India is good after sales service infrastructure and hope the company will establish it before jumping in the highly competitive Indian market.


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