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LG Introduces New Range of Charcoal Microwaves; Price Starts at INR 13599

LG has introduced new range of Charcoal Microwaves in India for a healthier way of cooking while keeping the authentic smoky taste. The new Regal range is stylish with a beautiful and sophisticated design.

The new MICROWAVE OVENS range is equipped with the latest technology. It comes with a Charcoal Lighting Feature that offers natural and healthier cooking with a perfect taste of barbeque – crispy outside, juicy inside. It also helps in saving time and energy than normal microwaves as claimed by LG.

The Charcoal range comes with a Healthy Heart Autocook Menu which offers thirty heart-friendly recipes that are preinstalled in the microwave. These recipes are certified by the Heart Care Foundation of India. The temperature control enables consumers to cook a variety of dishes which microwaves were previously never able to prepare. The seamless stream of cooking power preserves the flavour and texture of the food.

With the latest range of LG Microwaves, customers can alsoi make hygienic ghee with no smell in 12 minutes. The unique Pasteurize Milk feature offers fresh and pure milk with the touch of a button. It helps in preserving nutrition while reducing protein denaturation.

These LG microwaves also allow the customers to enjoy crispy delights with Diet Fry feature which uses up to 88% lesser oil, a perfect choice for the health conscious. The microwave offers a unique 360-degree rotating motorized rotisserie that ensures even cooking and helps in retaining nutrition of the food. It has also made it possible to cook Indian breads with a click of a button.

The Stainless-Steel Cavity in the latest range of LG Microwaves enhances the overall performance of the appliance. It is completely rust-free, easy to clean, faster and more hygienic.

The Microwave range adds elegance to the kitchen with its exquisite, minimal design. They utilise lesser space while offering better performance. Its compact design offers a much larger interior capacity which can fit into even the smallest of kitchens but provide enough room for tall or wide dishes.

The new Microwave range starts from INR 13,599 and is available across stores in India.


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