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Noise IntelliBuds TWS Earbuds with Gesture Control Launched at INR 4999

Indian brand, Noise has launched IntelliBuds TWS earbuds which are powered by Bragi. Priced at INR 4,999, the Noise IntelliBuds will be available in a black and a white color variant, starting 12 noon – 14th October at GoNoise.com.

Noise has partnered with Bragi, who are intellectual property owners of TWS globally, to create IntelliBuds for Next-Gen Audio experience. It comes with features such as ‘Gesture Control’, ‘Hot Voice Command’, ‘Music Sharing’ directly from earbuds, ‘Transparency Mode’ and ‘Customized Equalizer.’

According to Noise, IntelliBuds is India’s first gesture controlled TWS. They come enabled with an AI neural net which has been rigorously trained for weeks and months to detect and identify intentional nod and shake head movements from unintentional ones after initial calibration. Consumers can now shake their heads to reject a call or change a music track and nod their heads to accept calls no matter what they’re doing. The device has trained algorithms to work in different situations like standing, sitting, walking, running, and going up or down the stairs.

Another Next Gen Audio feature that Noise IntelliBuds is packed with is a unique Hot Voice Command. All you need to do is say – ‘Hey Headphones’ followed by the command – Accept / Reject for incoming calls, Play/ Pause/ Next/ Previous for music, Transparency On/ Off to activate the mode, and Assistant to access the respective features.

Music Sharing among multiple users is another innovative feature. Users can pair secondary IntelliBuds to the primary one without having to connect with the main device (smartphone or laptop, wherever you are consuming media from). All you need to do is press and hold the right bud to activate the music-sharing option on the primary buds and press and hold on the left bud on the secondary buds to activate music receiving.

Another striking feature that has been added to make your life seamless is the Transparency Mode. You can actively use voice commands to turn on the mode when in public or turn it off when not, to cut down on the background disturbance. For music lovers, this TWS also has a Customized Equalizer to fine-tune the music-listening experience.

Connected with an Android-compatible app, NoiseFit Smart, the Noise IntelliBuds offer a whole new level of personalization including a remote selfie control and fast mute adding to the overall ease of use. Fitted with smart battery optimization and Instacharge the Noise IntelliBuds claim to give 9 hr battery on a single charge with 36 hours of playtime. Additionally, they come equipped with HyperSync and a power-packed 600mAh battery.

Commenting on the launch, Amit Khatri, Co-Founder, Noise said, “We at Noise have been a first mover in bringing technology that builds a benchmark in the industry. Innovation being core to our DNA, we are thrilled to launch our second brainchild from Noise Labs, IntelliBuds, for next-gen audio experience. We have worked with our global partner, Bragi, for months to create a product which would change the way users interact with their devices by making them go hands-free. We are certain that Noise IntelliBuds will echo with every TWS users’ need and will re-invent the TWS space in India.”


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