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LG OLED evo AI and LG QNED AI TVs Launched in India

At an event in New Delhi, LG Electronics has launched today Next Generation of AI TVs available in sizes starting from 108cms (43) to 246cms (97). The 2024 lineup features the most advanced range of LG OLED evo AI and LG QNED AI TVs including the LG OLED 97G4 – the world’s largest OLED TV which boasts of power packed artificial intelligence (AI) performance that takes every aspect of the viewing experience i.e., picture quality, audio quality and personalization, to new heights. With 55 new models introduced to cater to diverse viewing preferences, this launch reaffirms LG Electronics commitment to pushing the boundaries of visual excellence and personalization in the television industry.

With enhanced AI up scaling capabilities, LG’s latest OLED AI TVs enrich and sharpen objects and backgrounds with precise pixel-level image analysis for improved picture quality. Through the power of AI, LG OLED AI TVs create a clearer, more vibrant viewing experience and offer real-time up scaling while watching sub-4K OTT content too. The advanced AI processor also refines color to capture the original mood and color tone.

In addition to remarkable pictures, AI Sound Pro enriches audio by leveraging the virtual 11.1.2 surround sound from the TV’s built-in speakers, further elevating the sense of immersion and realism. This feature also separates vocals from background noise effectively to ensure crystal-clear dialogue. 

LG’s latest OLED evo G4 series is packed with the company’s Brightness Booster Max technology to achieve peak brightness that is 150 percent brighter than conventional OLED TVs.

LG OLED TV’s are the ultimate gaming TV which comes with Dolby vision Gaming 4K at 144Hz refresh rate. These are also NVIDIA G-SYNC certified and are compatible with AMD FreeSync that eliminates tearing and stuttering for the most dynamic, true-to-life gaming experience. These advanced TVs also come with Game Optimizer to let gamers easily switch between display presets designed for different gaming genres.

LG’s 2024 QNED AI TV are the next generation of LCD technology that delivers bright and most vibrant colors on the screen. The thing that sets LG QNED apart is the combination of two color technologies – Quantum Dot & NanoCell. Through local dimming technology it creates sharp contrast and exceptional brightness.

The QNED line-up is further elevated with QNED MiniLED TV that is the next best thing after OLED. MiniLEDs, that are 1/40th the size of regular LEDs, when combined with Precision Dimming, improves gradations and accurately control backlight for brighter colors and deeper blacks. Additionally, the LG QNED Mini LED AI TV features Million Grey Scale to differentiate between shades of gray and show gradation with a 20-bit accuracy, resulting in immensely vibrant contrast.

The AI capability of LG QNED AI TV refines picture quality and also boasts richer, fuller audio with virtual 9.1.2 surround sound creating a dome of sound around you for incredible immersion.

These TVs run on webOS which allows users to create up to 10 individual profiles as a way of tailoring the experience to their tastes and preferences. Based on their profiles, users can customize the Home screen and set personalized settings with minimal effort. LG has promised that WebOS operating system will be upgraded for the next five years. Each update will completely revamp the UI, giving a feel of a new TV to the customers, every year for next 5 years. 

LG OLED AI TVs and QNED AI TVs continue to support the image and audio-enhancing capabilities of Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. FILMMAKER MODE allows users to see films just as the director intended right in their own homes. 

The Home Cinema experience completes with addition of TV matching Soundbars. TVs pairs wirelessly with Soundbars through WOWCAST Built-in. WOW Orchestra creates highly immersive three-dimensional audio, while the TV’s built-in speakers and soundbar work together as a unified audio system to supply the superior sound.

These TVs come with Apple AirPlay and Google Chromecast built-in to let users effortlessly cast content from their mobile devices to their ultra-large TV screen.

LG TVs offer a wide range of accessibility features within Quick Card’s Accessibility section. This means that everyone can now effortlessly find accessibility features on the Home screen, including useful services designed to support disabilities. Additionally, remote control tutorials and chatbot services help users access services with just their voice.

Price and Availability:

2024 LG OLED evo AI 4K TVs

The LG OLED evo G4 AI Series: 

Available Sizes: 246cm (97), 196cm (77), 165cm (65) & 149cm (55) with price starting at INR 239990 with topmost model OLED97G4 being available at INR 2049990.  

The LG OLED evo C4 AI Series: 

Available Sizes: 211cm (83), 196cm (77), 165cm (65), 149cm (55), 122cm (48) & 107cm (42) and will with price starting at INR 119990

LGOLED B4 AI Series: 

Available Sizes: 196cm (77), 165cm (65), 149cm (55) with price starting from 169990



Available Size: 165cm (65) priced at INR 189990


Available Sizes: 191cm (75), 165cm (65) and 149cm (55) with price starting at INR 103990


Available Sizes: 191cm(75), 165cm(65),149cm(55),127cm(50),109cm(43), with price starting at INR 62990


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