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OnePlus 12 & OnePlus Open Starts Getting Android 15 Beta 1 Update

OnePlus today announced that its flagship OnePlus 12 and OnePlus Open will be among the first devices to get the new Google Android 15 Beta 1 update in the world. Starting May 16, developers and early adopters can try out the new features and APIs on their OnePlus devices by accessing the developer version of OxygenOS, which is built around Android 15 Beta 1.

Android 15 prioritizes enhancing the camera and media experience, whilst improving the connectivity, and concurrently delivers new APIs for developers to create improved applications. The operating system offers an array of features like Low Light Boost as well as new extensions like In-app camera controls, furnishing users with the tools and hardware they need to bring their visions to the fore. Furthermore, the platform is updated to grant applications access to the most recent advancements in communication. This enables outcomes such as a smoother NFC experience, among other improvements.

Android 15 Beta 1 will be available for OnePlus’ latest flagship model, the OnePlus 12, and its foldable flagship, the OnePlus Open. With unparalleled Fast and Smooth performance, top-notch display quality, and incredible imaging capabilities, OnePlus 12 and OnePlus Open aim to deliver all-round flagship-level performance to users worldwide.

Developers can check more details and try out the developer’s version of OxygenOS built around Android 15 Beta 1 here: https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1595803862105587712



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