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LG Twin Wash Washing Machine Launched At Rs. 2,06,000

South Korean electronics giant LG has introduced innovative Twin Wash washing machine in India. Priced at Rs. 2,06,000, this Twin washed technology based machine enables to wash two separate loads at the same time.

unnamedThis washing machine solves the problem of colored clothes and white clothes in different washers. Similarly, you can wash king size clothes in one and at the same time perfectly wash delicates, workout wear etc. in the other mini washer at the bottom. The new mini washer is the heart of the machine and sits underneath.

The Twin Wash washing machine has a capacity of 21Kg, the biggest capacity in the Indian market till now. The mini washer has a capacity of 3.5KG and you get total capacity of 24.5 kg. With a space- efficient mini washer in the pedestal, overall cycle times are reduced for loads required.

With its TurboWash 2.0, fine clothes can be washed within 39 minutes which not only saves time but also energy and water.

This washing machine has premium ergonomic design which gives a tilt at a six degree angle making it more accessible to users. The users don’t have to bend over as much to put clothes in or take them out and the newly designed sliding detergent box at the top reduces the likelihood of messy detergent spills.

With its TurboWash 2.0 and TurboSteam, wash cycles are faster while NFC provides smart connectivity options, making it a true futuristic product for smart homes. Users can download pre-programmed wash cycles to their smartphones and then activate them by simply touching the smartphone to the washing machine’s NFC Tag On symbol.

This machine carry 10 year warranty on inverter direct drive motor which also gives an efficient wash by providing powerful 6 motion technology.



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