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Live Like Hermits & Work Like Horses – Chief Justice Of India

At the convocation function of the Indian Law Institute, Chief Justice of India – SH Kapadia said on Tuesday that judges have to live like hermits and work like horses. He further elaborated that a judge has to live within the salary he gets and within his means.

The above principle applies to our worthy politicians and bureaucrats also, majority of them, unfortunately, have forgotten how to live a simple life and work for the welfare of society. Daily, we come across news of bureaucrats caught with assets beyond their means and having lavish life-style. Same is the case with majority of our political class, who have forgotten that they were voted to power to serve the society. And see, what they are doing? One of our worthy ex-minister has been charged to deploy bigger aircraft of national carrier for the comfort of his relatives! Who cares if the national carrier loses few lakhs so long the short journey of few elite passengers were comfortable.

One of our chief minister of  sprawling state, who claims to be leader of the down-trodden, have spent crores of rupees to surrect statues in prominent places to remind the people that she cares for them? What a mockery of  the word – serve? Had this money been spent on building hospitals and schools, many lives could have been saved and many mortals must have been enlightened. But, who cares?

Other day, High Court has ordered that assets of Mumbai Congress chief be attached forthwith. This worthy politician was a vegetable seller in 1976 and after joining the oldest party, Goddess Lakshmi has bestowed its blessings on him and today he and all his family members are proud owners of huge land,offices,commercial property, flats and bungalows. What a unique way of serving the party and laughing all the way to banks and buildings.

In the recent filings by our politicians for contesting state elections, they have declared that their assets have increased 100 to 300% percent in very short span of period and majority of our netas are billionaires. Oh, they are in public life so the money will automatically come in! What a money-minting profession?

So, my dear bureaucrats and spick and span politicians, take some wisdom from Chief Justice of India, who has given soul-searching advise to his colleauges and budding jurists otherwise, you will be banging at the door of his court one day to get some relief for all your black deeds!


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