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Logitech Launches ULTIMATE EARS Range Of Bluetooth Speakers, Earphones

Logitech has launched a new line-up of audio products called the ‘Ultimate Ears’ for  music fans who want pure, undiluted music anywhere, anytime. The Ultimate Ears collection comprises of portable Bluetooth speakers like UE Mobile Boombox and UE Boombox, over the ears headphones UE6000 and UE 9000 and professional Quad armature wired earphone UE900. They are designed to enable people to enjoy their music seamlessly through wireless audio, facilitating discovery and making sharing simple with a complete line of music products.

Ultimate Ears—the creators of advanced in-ear phones have served nearly 75% of the world’s top musicians, recording artistes and sound engineers – providing them with comfort, quality and accuracy unsurpassed in the industry.  Each UE device is designed keeping in mind the mobile lifestyle of people and are ultra-portable.

Salient Features of the products:

mobile boombox optiUE Mobile Boombox : UE Mobile Boombox is an ultraportable speaker that connects to your smartphone or tablet easily with Bluetooth technology. The Mobile Boombox can pair up to 8 Bluetooth devices and music switching can be done between 2 devices at the same time which is as easy as pressing pause on one and pressing play on another. With metal finishes, vibrant accents and a grip-action rubber casing, it is built to look good and feel great in your hand. The Mobile Boombox doubles as a speakerphone with a built-in mic and one can seamlessly go from listening to music to taking a hands-free phone call and then get back to the music without missing a beat

ue2optiUE Boombox: This  speaker  lets you use your smartphone or tablet to play and control your music, and has the capacity to pair up to 8 Bluetooth enabled devices and play music from 3 devices at the same time. UE Boombox delivers sound that is rich, balanced and clear, with enough bass to make every song feel as real and as raw as it should. An integrated, sculptured aluminum handle makes it easy to roam – from the kitchen, to the bedroom, to a party at a friend’s house or anywhere in between – with uninterrupted music at your side, and comes with six-hour rechargeable battery.

UE 6000: The UE6000 is a progressive, noise-cancelling, around-ear headphone, with an onboard amp for an immersive and powerful listening experience. They connect to your favorite devices, fold up like sunglasses when you’re on the go and come with a splitter to make sharing simple. Active noise canceling technology filters out ambient noise for an immersive listening experience. The Logitech UE 6000 Headphones feature plush memory foam cushions; breathable, soft-as-leather surfaces; and an around-the-ear design.

UE 9000: connect wirelessly to your favorite Bluetooth devices, but also include an optional cable should you want to go wired or run out of power – plus, fold flat when you’re on the go. The high-resolution drivers of the Logitech UE 9000 Headphones deliver pure, undiluted audio that’s distinctly UE – rich, clear and perfectly tuned – for a spacious soundstage and a remarkable level of power, punch and clarity.  Logitech UE 9000 Headphones also feature intuitively and discreetly placed controls that respond to the touch of your fingertips, so you can select songs, turn up the volume, or answer a call – naturally and easily.


UE 900: This earphone feature a unique quad-armature design—two for the low end, one for the mid-range, and one for high frequencies. The result is nothing short of a revelation in music listening- a wide, front-row-center soundstage, take-your-breath-away depth and clarity, piano-like timbre, and just the right amount of color on the bass and treble. For maximum comfort, the Ultimate Ears 900s come with eight pairs of specially designed ear cushions. The Ultimate Ears 900s also come with two detachable, braided cables. The microphone and on-cord controls let you answer calls with just one touch, change tracks and adjust volume and a second standard cable is included for those who need to listen to music and nothing else.

Availability and Pricing:

  • UE Mobile Boombox- available in market priced at Rs. 8,995 /-
  • UE Boombox- available in market priced at Rs. 21,995 /-
  • UE 6000– available in market priced at Rs. 17,995 /-
  • UE 9000- available in the market priced at Rs. 31,995 /-
  • UE 900- available in market priced at Rs. 34,995/-



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