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MapmyIndia Launches Explore App For iOS

MapmyIndia has announced the launch of its Social Navigation app – Explore for iOS platform. The app also features an upgraded UI (User Interface) which is faster and convenient to use. The Explore app is already available for Windows and Android platforms. Apple users across India will now be able to enjoy this free app and benefit from the experiences of fellow Explorers.

MapmyIndia Explore - iOS Screenshot 1This app enables users to explore places around town. For instance for your family outing or a quite dinner, Explore will help you decide where to go whatever the occasion; choose the best place to be – restaurants, night out hot spots, shops, hotels, tourist spots etc. These places are socially recommended through the experiences of your friends and visitors who have been there. And once you reach the desired destination, you can join the community and be an Expert Explorer. You can start your own ‘Social Recommendations’. You can choose your specialty from a Restaurant Expert to an Offbeat Haunt Specialist. You can also become the neighborhood/locality/city historian or a City Walk Guide or a food/shopping connoisseur in your own right. Your Explore reviews/recommendations will be simultaneously shared on your Facebook timeline.

MapmyIndia Explore - iOS Screenshot 2Moreover, the users can also follow EXPERT EXPLORERS to stay up to date on new places they recommend and ask for recommendations from them. The app allows users to have the best EXPERIENCE in discovering places to go, locally in a city or when traveling for a holiday.

The Explore app is powered MapmyIndia maps, India’s most comprehensive and accurate maps, where millions of points of interest across categories have been accurately mapped out by experienced field surveyors.


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