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MapmyIndia Locate App Will Provide Security To Cab Passengers In NCR

In an effort to secure cab passengers in Delhi NCR, MapmyIndia Locate app has been launched by MapmyIndia. This app will be given to all passengers using Snap Cab, an economy cab service based out of NOIDA. With this the Snap Cab customers can instantly share their location with the near and dear ones once they enter the cab. And as the journey proceeds, the passengers can be live tracked by the contacts of their choice. Snap Cab is India’s first cab service to offer this dual security net to its customers. Their cabs are already GPS enabled.

MapmyIndia Locate - Screenshot 1How does MapmyIndia Locate App work:

  • Customer books a Snap Cab
  • Snap Cab sends a confirmation SMS with the details of the driver and the link to download the Locate app
  • Customer downloads and registers with the Locate app
  • Once the customer enters a Snap Cab, she/he can either manually check-in or set the app to auto-check in
  • Friends or family members can then track her movement live, either on a smartphone or on a PC
  • MapmyIndia Locate app can also be downloaded from Snap Cab website

MapmyIndia Locate App Features :

  • Add up-to ten friends or family members to locate
  • Tracking yourself is enabled by default in the app
  • The application also supports detailed movement reporting
  • See people you are locating on a real-time map
  • Users can either manually check-in to places or the app automatically picks up location every 500 meters and shows it as auto-check in
  • Get movement reports for people being located for up to five days, these include details like date, time and address
  • Users can set custom locate settings for getting located – like days of the week and time of the day when they wish to be tracked
  • Reports are accessible not just in the app but also through a web/mobile web dashboard at http://locate.mapmyindia.com
  • The app uses GPS, Wi-Fi or Cell Tower Triangulation, whichever is available in that order to compute the location

MapmyIndia Locate - Screenshot 5How to use MapmyIndia Locate:

  • The Application can be downloaded free from the link shared with the passenger on Google Play/iTunes/Windows store
  • Users can then set/configure within the app, the times and days of the week when their friends/family can locate them
  • Once this is done, users can start reporting their visits by checking-in to the app at the locations
  • User’s family/friends can then login to their own app, or visit the mobile site from their smartphone browser to gain access to the reports

“It is a matter of joy for us to tie-up with India’s leader in GPS navigation & tracking technology. MapmyIndia Locate app is helping us address the security concern of our passengers in a hassle-free and convenient way.  I feel that that security as a USP will not only earn us the goodwill of the customers but also contribute strongly towards the brand equity of Snap Cab,” says Ashutosh Balwaria, Founder, Snap Cab.


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