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MapmyIndia Online Maps Get Enhanced Features; Online Portal Revamped

MapmyIndia has  announced major enhancements to its free maps portal maps.mapmyindia.com. As per the digital mapping and location services company, their portal has been completely revamped with richer map data and connected/interactive features like real-time traffic updates, Social media interface, enhanced UI (user interface), drag and drop direction markers to customize routes, Widgets etc.

Maps.mapmyindia (Nearby) (1)MapmyIndia users will now have access to real-time traffic information.The company calls it “green initiative”,which will save both time and fuel. This service is available for Delhi (NCR) and Mumbai, India’s two metros that have the largest vehicle population.

According to MapmyIndia, its users will now get social navigation features like Add/Edit a place, write review and maintain their private atlas. These are linked to popular social media apps like Explore, Facebook etc.

The other enhanced feature introduced by MapmyIndia is flat UI (User Interface), which enables speedier access and seamless zooming in and out of the maps. Users can quickly survey any location with the desired level of intensity. The close integration of search with visual feedback allows for instant location of POIs. For easier customization of routes the drag and drop direction makers feature has been provided. The search for POIs has been simplified through categorization and single- click search facility.

The company further says that bloggers and developers will also be benefited by changes to the online portal of MapmyIndia. The new portal allows for hassle-free embedding of maps, driving directions and search nearby onto their websites/blogs.

Maps.mapmyIndia.com offers high quality experience across all popular platforms – Android, iOS, Windows, Windows 8 and HTML5 browsers.

Speaking on the launch, Rakesh Verma, Managing Director, MapmyIndia, said, “Maps.mapmyIndia.com has been a benchmark for best navigable maps of India on the internet. And we are making it even better. This is an unprecedented revamp in scale and quality. We have always challenged new frontiers to make available the best products and apps to our users. The new version is strongly focused on enhancing the user experience. We have added many social, utility and convenience features to the maps. I am sure that these will make the portal even more popular and benefit millions across India,”


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