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UC Browser Version 9.6 For Android Makes Downloading Easier

download (27)UCWeb, a global leading provider of mobile internet software and services, has just released the brand new UC Browser 9.6 for Android. This updated version will help the users with a faster and smoother browsing experience, and comes with the feature of new Easy Downloading Mode, which simplifies the process of downloading from a web page.

This version has following salient features :

Downloading Made Easier
UC Browser 9.6 for Android has been enhanced with an Easy Downloading Mode. This feature enables you to see all downloadable resources from a web page in a list so you can easily grab whatever you want. For instance, if you are browsing an image heavy page, the Easy Downloading Mode will bring up a list of all the images on the page and allow you to pick and choose what you want to keep.

Accelerated Browsing and Graphics
For users of high-end Android devices, UC Browser 9.6 for Android has been specially engineered to leverage the power of your device to increase browsing performance. Hardware Acceleration(for devices with at least 2 GB RAM) makes scrolling through web pages and sliding between tabs super smooth, letting you browse at an accelerated pace.


Hardware acceleration also accelerates graphics rendering for online games. When using a Google Nexus 7 to run Microsoft’s FishIE Tank, a benchmark test that looks at HTML5 Canvas performance and tells you how well your browser can render 2D images and shapes in a game-like environment, UC Browser 9.6 for Android displays 250 fish at 30-34 frames per second (FPS), while the latest version of Chrome mobile browser displays at 19-21 FPS.

UC Browser’s Page Preloader creates a seamless reading experience with the next page being automatically loaded while you are reading the current page, and now the page preloading speed has been boosted to preload pages even faster.

Highlights of UC Browser for Android:

Add-on Platform: A diverse selection of add-ons are available on the Add-on Platform for UC Browser, including Facebook Photo Uploader, which makes sharing photos on Facebook a breeze, and other useful tools including Translator, Screenshot Taker, Gesture Controller, and more.

Download Management: This feature unlocks the power of your phone as a downloading tool and resource grabber. You can download multiple files simultaneously, download in the background with complete peace of mind, get automatic reconnection when the download is disrupted, and leverage UCWeb’s cloud storage to save storage space.

You can download UC Browser 9.6 for Android  HERE


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