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MapmyIndia Polling Booth Locator Web Applicaion Launched For Delhi Assembly Elections

For the convenience of the citizens of Delhi to cast their votes during the upcoming Delhi Assembly Elections on 7th February, MapmyIndia, India’s leader in premium quality map data, Car GPS Navigation, GPS Vehicle Tracking etc., has launched the mobile friendly web application MapmyIndia Polling booth locator. The locator is equipped with MapmyIndia’s  house-level data which will take you from your doorstep to the poll booth.


According to MapmyIndia, citizens of Delhi can search for their pool booth either by providing their voter id or their name and few details viz. Mother’s name/father’s name/husband’s name and locality. The application also allows the citizens to see all the polling booth in a particular locality. Along with the poll booth location the locator provides the Voter Identity Card number, serial number etc.

“Electioneering is the very basis of building a strong democracy and we are fortunate to be in a position to contribute towards this very critical process in our small way. With the MapmyIndia Polling Booth Locator, this time the citizens of Delhi will find it a bit more convenient to exercise their franchise during the assembly elections,” says Deepro Ganguly, Marketing Manager, MapmyIndia.


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