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Matter Geared Electric Motorbike Launched in India

Matter, a technology start-up, today unveiled India’s first geared electric motorbike. The vehicle will be manufactured from its facility in Ahmedabad and will be available across major cities in India and bookings will open soon.

Matter motorbike is powered by an integrated, high-energy density, 5 kWh Power Pack, the matterEnergy 1.0. The Power Pack has been developed in-house with Indian environmental and usage conditions in mind and is an integrated unit that houses the Battery pack, the Battery Management System (BMS), the Drive Train Unit (DTU), power conversion modules and other protection systems. The Power Pack is also equipped with multiple sensors at key locations that keep a regular tab on parameters such as temperature, current, and voltage to ensure that the complete system is always functioning within the desired operating range.

For a high-quality, smooth, and an extremely responsive ride, Matter has developed matterDrive 1.0, a propulsion system that combines an electric motor with the Matter Hypershift manual gearbox, which provides complete control of the power delivery to the rider. The 10.5kW electric motor paired with the proprietary sequential manual transmission expands the performance range of the drivetrain and provides consistent power delivery, flat torque, and efficiency like no other.

The motorbike supports both standard and fast charging through a common connector. The vehicle is equipped with a standard on-board 1kW Intelligent Charger, matterCharge 1.0, which offers the flexibility and convenience of charging the vehicle at any 5A, 3-pin plug point. The on-board charger can charge the vehicle in less than 5 hours and has an over charge protection as well.

The motorbike has been designed to give sleek and distinctive appearance with sculpted surfaces, crafted engineering components and awe-inspiring details. The bi-functional LED projector headlamp, split LED tail lamps, body-integrated front turn signals, a translucent shroud, an exposed spinner attached to the motor give it an appealing look. The vehicle also packs convenient utility elements such as a storage space with built-in lights and a smart mobile charging port.

The motorbike is design to be always connected to the rider. The touch enabled 7-inch Vehicle Instrument Cluster (VIC), powered by a state-of-the-art processor, 4G connectivity and Android software, runs the intuitive UI that provides the rider with all the information they need: speed, gear position, riding mode, navigation, media, call control and other smart features that are never seen in a motorbike before. The connected mobile application enables a seamless integration to vehicle controls such as remote lock/unlock, geofencing, live location tracking, vehicle health monitoring and provides the rider with personalised ride statistics, charging status, push navigation and a lot more. A proximity based key fob and passive keyless entry system allows the rider to lock/unlock the vehicle by just approaching the vehicle – a truly keyless experience.

Matter has designed and developed the motorbike to perform effortlessly in a wide range of climatic conditions that India has to offer, with an operating ambient temperature of -10 degrees to 55 degrees (C). The bike does not compromise on safety in any manner and the front and rear disc brakes with ABS coupled with large tyres aids in hard and safe braking, delivering great traction and road grip. The patented dual cradle frame brings together all these components into a unique package while enhancing vehicle stability, riding dynamics, cornering performance, and delivering a best-in-class experience.


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