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MediaTek Announces Three New SoC For Smartwatch, Home Entertainment & IoT At CES 2016

MediaTek has announced three new SoCs at CES 2016 for creating better experiences for consumers across all platforms and deliver better connectivity to the world around them.

Wearables – MT2523 is designed for active and fitness smart watches. It is the world’s first system-in-package (SiP) to offer GPS, dual-mode Bluetooth Low Energy, and a MIPI-supported high-resolution mobile screen.

MT2523The MT2523 combines long battery life, high-quality display technology, and small chip size to provide for optimum user experience. In comparison to other wearables, devices powered by MT2523 can last more than a week on one battery charge.

MediaTek’s MT2523 product family is based around a highly integrated system in package (SiP) that contains a micro controller unit (MCU), dual-mode Bluetooth, GPS and a power management unit (PMU). The MCU enables wearable devices with lower power consumption and smaller form factors than Android Wear. The display component supports MIPI-DSI and serial interfaces, resulting in a high-resolution mobile screen. It includes 2D capabilities of true color, per pixel alpha channel and anti-aliasing fonts, plus 1-bit index color to save memory and computing power. MT2523’s low power comes from its ARM Cortex M4 processor, which combines high-efficiency signal processing functionality with low power, low cost and ease-of-use benefits.

Home Entertainment – MT8581 is the world’s first Ultra-HD 4K Blu-ray player SoC with High Dynamic Range; a revolutionary viewing experience similar to the leap from VHS to DVD.

IoT / Connected Home – MT7697 is an IoT bridge that will connect smart gadgets and appliances to tablets, smartphones and the cloud

“Our intention at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show is to showcase a group of SoC’s that will truly impact the way consumers use their devices, said MediaTek Chief Marketing Officer, Johan Lodenius. “The MT8581, MT2523 and MT7697 will each bring new features to home entertainment, wearables and IoT/connected home that were not possible before.”

MediaTek’s past, present, and future is in designing leading display technologies, regardless of consumer device. With a deep heritage in multimedia technology – and reputation as an industry leader in DVD, TV, audio, and phones — the brand is taking that expertise and applying it to forward-looking formats like IoT, wearables and more.


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