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MG HECTOR Retrofited as an Ambulance in India

Desperate time prompt you to be innovative with your existing assets to be helpful to the society and yourself. Taking leaf from this thought, MG Hector SUV was retrofited as an ambulance and the vehicle conversion was completed within a short span of 10 days. This has been developed by MG India’s engineering team at Halol, in partnership with Ahmedabad-based Natraj Motor Body Builders. The retrofited HECTOR ambulance version was donated by the company to healthcare authorities in Vadodara.

Features of Hector ambulance:  

  1. Imported auto loading stretcher
  2. Oxygen system with cylinder
  3. Jump seat for attendant -reuse rear seat to save cost
  4. Fire extinguisher
  5. Medicine Cabinet with 5 parameter Monitor
  6. Internal lighting and top light bar with siren and amplifier
  7. Inverter with battery and sockets
  8. Packed with Medical equipment


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